Analyzing “Lauriam is Lauriam”

Analyzing “Lauriam is Lauriam”

Nomura caused quite a stir among Kingdom Hearts fans recently he was asked at an event, “Is Lauriam Marluxia?” and he replied “Lauriam is Lauriam.”

This sent many fans into a flurry of confusion. Did Nomura mean Lauriam isn’t Marluxia?

All right, there are two possibilities:

  1. This is an insane plot twist even by Kingdom Hearts standards, and Marluxia is not the Nobody of Lauriam (unlikely).
  2. Marluxia is the Nobody of Lauriam (likely).

Lauriam is “not Marluxia” in the same way that Lea isn’t Axel. The characters themselves seem to draw a distinction between Somebody and Nobody, even when they are functionally the same person.

Here is another way to look at it, presented in a humorous video from Just a Pancake on Youtube.

Make sense?

Lauriam is Lauriam. Marluxia is not Lauriam, Marluxia is Lauriam’s Nobody.

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