Are Ansem the Wise’s Eyes Significant?

Are Ansem the Wise’s Eyes Significant?

Last week, we discussed Apprentice Xehanort’s eyes and strange behavior, but what about another character with unusual eyes?

I’m talking about Ansem the Wise.

Ansem the Wise has orange eyes. In Blank Points at the end of Birth By Sleep, the camera even zooms right up to his eyes to make it even more apparent. (This sort of camera work is also used to point out significant eye colors, such as when Braig’s eyes change.)

Is this important? It’s hard to say, but it’s not a natural eye color. In a series where yellow eyes are significant, it’s hard to look at a character with orange eyes and not wonder.

And for that matter, he’s not the only one with orange eyes.

Logically, Ansem and Xemnas should have either Xehanort’s usual yellow eyes or the brown eyes of Apprentice Xehanort. Instead, their eyes are orange.

Why do Ansem and Xemnas have orange eyes? It’s a lighter shade than Ansem the Wise’s, closer to golden while his are closer to red, but could there be a connection?

I don’t really have a solid theory about Ansem the Wise’s eyes… but I wouldn’t be surprised if orange eyes in Kingdom Hearts turn out to be important. What do you think?

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