Can Master Xehanort Be Redeemed?

Can Master Xehanort Be Redeemed?


That was easy.

What, we need more than that? Very well. With Kingdom Hearts being the sort of series it is, it seems likely that one or more of the villains will find redemption. Terra and Aqua need to be rescued, a lot of people think Isa should be saved, and I favor Young Xehanort’s redemption.

But what about the mastermind behind everything?

Master Xehanort is the main antagonist, but he isn’t pure evil. He isn’t even trying to make the darkness dominant, as we discussed last week. He wants balance between light and darkness.

So it’s not entirely surprising that fans occasionally bring up the possibility of old Xehanort himself being the one to have a change of heart.

But would he?

Master Xehanort has been set on this course for a long time. If he feels any guilt, he doesn’t let it stop him. He finds a way to justify anything, even claiming it’s all “destiny.”

More importantly, he was already given a second chance. Even after Xehanort told him Eraqus Keyblade War plans and scarred his face, Eraqus forgave him and trusted him again. He gave his old friend the benefit of the doubt – and Xehanort took advantage of that to manipulate him.

If Eraqus couldn’t change his mind, why would Xehanort change his mind now?

Maybe it’s not impossible. As Xehanort tries to claim Kingdom Hearts, something could happen to make him realize he’s on the wrong path. I love a good redemption story, so I wouldn’t necessarily be opposed to it… but it will take a lot of work to make Master Xehanort’s redemption believable.

What do you think? Is it possible that Master Xehanort will be redeemed? Share your thoughts in the comments.

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