Could Ira be Isa’s Ancestor?

Could Ira be Isa’s Ancestor?

After discussing Xehanort and Ephemer last week, I’d like to talk about another possible connection.

This one is a bit more tenuous. What if Ira and Isa are related?

(Note: I was partly inspired for this after reading a similar theory on Reddit.)

Now, the Foretellers might have died in the Keyblade War (although we don’t know for sure), but Ira seems like one of the older ones. Even if he died, he could have had a child among the Dandelions.

So let’s talk about Ira and Isa.

First, their names are close, just one letter apart.

Ira, whose name means “wrath,” is the leader of the Foretellers. He tries to keep the situation under control, although he is quick to believe one of them is a traitor. Isa, who is sarcastic as a human and cold as a Nobody, seems very different. Still, his normally calm demeanor contains some hints of Ira’s leadership, and he does fall under the influence of “wrath” when he goes berserk.

Personalities don’t matter so much, though, unless we try to argue that they’re the same person. Since we’ve seen Isa as a child, that’s improbable. Are there any other connections we can find between Ira and Isa?

Let’s look at their hair. Isa, of course, has blue hair.

Ira’s hair is… unclear. Does he have blue hair, or is that part of his mask?

For a long time, I thought Ira just had a fancy mask with blue hair coming out of the top, but now I’m inclined to say it’s his hair. None of the other Foretellers have anything like that, just a mask and a hood. Ira is the only one who has hair over the top of his hood.

When you look closely at him, the hair appears to go down below the edge of the mask. Either it’s attached at the bottom, or it’s his hair being pulled up through it.

If it’s his hair, then Ira has long, somewhat wild blue hair swept back from his forehead, which is quite similar to how Isa/Saix wears his as an adult.

Finally, if the edge of Ira’s Keyblade formed a circle rather than a partial circle, it would bear an unusual resemblance to Saix’s Claymore.

In short, while we’ve seen almost nothing to provide a clear link between Foreteller Ira and Isa/Saix, there are some unusual similarities between these two characters. What do you think? Could Ira be Isa’s ancestor, or is it all a coincidence?

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