Demyx Will Join the Good Guys

Demyx Will Join the Good Guys

At this point, we’ve seen pretty much all the Organization XIII members again. The apprentices, along with Lea and Isa, returned in Dream Drop Distance. Kingdom Hearts III trailers have shown us Luxord, Marluxia, and Larxene.

From the original Organization, there’s only one character left whose status is unknown.

Yes, we have yet to see #9 in the Organization, Demyx.

A lot of fans assume Demyx is one of the remaining members of the new Organization XIII, because of the pattern we’ve seen so far. The members who weren’t shown in Dream Drop Distance have all been shown as antagonists for Kingdom Hearts III. But does that really make sense for Demyx?

Demyx is technically an antagonist in Kingdom Hearts II, but he never comes across as a bad guy. On the contrary, he’s cowardly and nervous. He seems to dislike the idea of violence and needs to write down his instructions from the Organization. He’s lazy, but he’s one of the nicer members.

He also claims Nobodies have hearts.

This is one of the oddest things about Demyx. It’s never made clear if he’s serious or just being sarcastic, but the potential is there that Demyx didn’t believe the Organization’s claims that they didn’t have hearts.

Whether he really meant that or not, he isn’t the sort of person who would want to work for Xehanort. And considering how lazy Demyx is, why would Xehanort ever pick him as a vessel? The claim in Dream Drop Distance that certain members were unsuitable as vessels would seem dubious if even he qualifies.

So what if Demyx picks the nicer path and joins up with Sora this time around?

Lea, Ienzo, and presumably the other apprentices who stayed at Radiant Garden in Dream Drop Distance (Dilan, Even, and Aeleus) are on Sora’s side. I think it would be much more fitting for the character if Demyx did the same.

What do you think? Whose side will Demyx be on in Kingdom Hearts III?

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