Did Saix Know He Was Part Xehanort?

Did Saix Know He Was Part Xehanort?

Last week, we discussed the possibility that Saix didn’t willingly become a vessel for Xehanort. What if he didn’t even know he was one until Dream Drop Distance?

We don’t know exactly when Isa/Saix was “norted,” but by the time of 358/2 Days and Kingdom Hearts II, he already had yellow eyes.

However, it’s possible he didn’t know what had happened to him.

During the climax of Dream Drop Distance, Xehanort attempts to turn Sora into his 13th vessel while Sora is still trapped in sleep. If someone’s heart was already weakened enough to make them receptive, Xehanort could put his heart into them without their knowledge.

For Saix, the best timing for this would most likely have been right after he became a Nobody. Apprentice Xehanort (or Xemnas, depending on the timing) most likely turned Isa into a Nobody himself like he did with the apprentices, since Isa and Lea re-form in the lab. With control over his Keyblade, he could have turned him into a vessel at the same time.

(I favor the theory that Lea and Isa were test subjects for the apprentices’ experiments.)

Nobodies sometimes look slightly different than they did as humans. Axel, for example, has marks under his eyes that Lea lacks. If Saix regained consciousness with yellow eyes, he could easily assume it was the same thing.

During last week’s theory, I mentioned how Saix definitely doesn’t seem to know the full plan. That ties in with the possibility that he didn’t know he was a vessel. Saix drives the “no emotion” idea harder than anyone, and his dying plea for his heart indicate he really thought Kingdom Hearts would let them regain their hearts.

Then there’s this odd line that I found posted here.

Screenshot from skypillar

As the original poster asks, what does that mean? What kind of insult is that? Unless Xigbar knows something about Saix that Saix himself doesn’t know.

(It could also be because Saix is completely blind to Nobodies regrowing hearts.)

What do you think? Is it possible that Saix was not only unwilling to be part-Xehanort, but that he didn’t know at all? Share your thoughts and theories in the comments!

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