Did the New Kingdom Hearts 3 Trailer Show Xion?

Did the New Kingdom Hearts 3 Trailer Show Xion?

Time for a special mid-week theory, because after the latest Kingdom Hearts 3 trailer, fans have been abuzz with theories that we’ve seen Xion…

…and not the way we wanted to see her.

Near the end of the trailer, it goes through a quick montage of scenes.

At 1:22 in this montage, after Xigbar and before Vanitas, there is a brief glimpse of someone with short white/silver hair in one of the Organization’s black coats.

Their face is mostly obscured, so it’s impossible to tell who this person is. The framing of the shot suggests they might be short, and of course there is the hair to consider as well.

It doesn’t look quite right to be Young Xehanort, although it might be a different version of Young Xehanort – the Young Xehanort we see in the chess scene. The hair and build would match him.

But many people think it’s Xion.

We’ve discussed the possibility of a “norted” Xion before, since Xemnas describes her as “the more worthy vessel” and she would fit into Young Xehanort’s list of vessel candidates before Sora.

(Note: In the 1.5 Remix version of this scene, the camera zooms in dramatically on Xemnas’s eyes after he says that.)

It’s a plausible situation. On the other hand, some people have said the person’s coat appears to be the coat for male members, not the style female members wear.

We’re supposed to see an extended trailer on September 18, so maybe the mysterious person’s face will be revealed then.

What do you think? Was that Xion? Is Xion one of the Seekers of Darkness? Or is the person in the trailer someone else? Share your thoughts in the comments!

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