Are Dilan and Even Among the 13 Darknesses?

Are Dilan and Even Among the 13 Darknesses?

Dream Drop Distance left Kingdom Hearts fans with many questions, but one of the biggest concerned the villains: who are the 13 darknesses?

In order to properly create the χ-blade, Master Xehanort needs 13 vessels. This was the original purpose of Organization XIII. He’s cheated a bit by using time travel to fill in gaps with versions of himself, and has 12 members of the “True Organization XIII” by the end of the game.

Six of the thirteen seekers of darkness are known:

  • Master Xehanort
  • Ansem, Seeker of Darkness
  • Xemnas
  • Young Xehanort
  • Braig/Xigbar (unclear which)
  • Isa/Saix (unclear which)

Who else is among them? Today, let’s take a look at Dilan and Even as possibilities.

The members of Organization XIII have returned as humans, and Dream Drop Distance deals with the first eight, Ansem’s six apprentices plus Lea and Isa.

Xehanort is obviously on Xehanort’s side, even if the circumstances of his return are still unclear. Braig is also on his side, despite having “plans” of his own. Isa’s complicity is up for debate, but it’s safe to count him among the bad guys for now.

Lea, meanwhile, has thrown in his lot with the heroes. Ienzo and Aeleus, although they remain in Radiant Garden, are amicable enough toward Lea and show no great love for Xehanort.

But what about Dilan and Even?

They revive alongside the others, but their condition is “unstable.” Unstable? What does that mean? Maybe they’re just tired… or maybe they’re in the process of becoming (unwilling?) vessels.

Dilan is a natural choice for one of the villains. As Xaldin, he shows cynicism and elements of sadism. He shows no desire to want to feel emotions, and generally comes across as one of the darker members of Organization XIII.

Even, meanwhile, is the team’s mad scientist. As Vexen, his readiness to conduct experiments on anyone and anything makes him an easy villain candidate, and he is also the creator of the Replica Program. Replicas would be an excellent resource for Xehanort, so it stands to reason that he’d want Even.

Since Dilan and Even are “unstable” in Dream Drop Distance, we never see them after they wake up. Unlike with Lea, Ienzo, and Aeleus, we haven’t gotten to see Dilan and Even’s eyes since their return.

What do you think? Are Dilan and Even becoming Xehanorts off screen? Are they among the thirteen darknesses?

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