Ephemer Could Be Xehanort’s Ancestor

Ephemer Could Be Xehanort’s Ancestor

This week, let’s take a step back to discuss a much simpler theory.

Ever since Ephemer (or Ephemera, if you prefer) was first revealed, fans have wondered if he might have some connection to Xehanort.

After all, how many characters in the series have silver hair and wear a buttoned white shirt with a black jacket, black/gray pants, and black boots?

Ephemer’s design is a solid match for Xehanort’s style and color scheme, aside from the red scarf (which brings Braig to mind instead).

But Ephemer seems to be a pretty good guy. There’s been no story evidence that he has any sinister connection with Xehanort. Could the character design just be a coincidence, even though it’s so close?

I favor a mundane theory. Ephemer is connected to Xehanort, but not in a sinister way and not in a way that affects the plot. What if he’s Xehanort’s ancestor?

Now, I still need to catch up on the plot of Union Cross, but assuming the new union leaders survive and exist in the world we know, they could have descendants. Ephemer could easily have silver-haired descendants who lived on Destiny Islands, with his color scheme being a slight nod to their connection without making it overt.

What do you think? Is the Xehanort-esque color scheme used for Ephemer a coincidence? Could Ephemer be his distant ancestor? Or is there another connection between the two? Share your thoughts on Ephemer and Xehanort in the comments.

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