Guest Post: Xemnas Is a Keyblade Wielder

Guest Post: Xemnas Is a Keyblade Wielder

Today we have our first ever guest post! Netllex is here to further discuss the theory that Xemnas can wield a Keyblade. This theory puts forth the possibility that he was deliberately hiding his ability from Organization XIII.

Xemnas is a Keyblade Wielder

by Netllex

Today I want to touch upon the idea that Xemnas is in fact a Keyblade Wielder and justify why he doesn’t show it. This possibility was already discussed in a previous theory that you should read first: Can Xemnas Wield a Keyblade?

First of all, it should be clear what Xemnas’s real ambition was with the creation of Organization XIII. The original 13 members were intended to be the 13 vessels for Xehanort’s heart. These vessels are the 13 darknesses needed to clash with the seven lights to create the χ-blade, to unlock Kingdom Hearts. But how exactly is Xemnas going to put a piece of Xehanort’s heart within each and every Organization member if he doesn’t have a Keyblade to split his part of Xehanort’s heart and put it into the members?

This should rule out the possibility that he can’t use a Keyblade. Now onto the problem of why he doesn’t use it on-screen in any of the games.

Only Xemnas and probably Xigbar knew about this plan; the other members were told that in order to get their hearts back, they needed to gather hearts to create an artificial Kingdom Hearts that had the power to give them back their hearts. This was probably his backup-plan in case something happened to the potential vessels, which was the case. If that happened, Xemnas still had an artificial Kingdom Hearts to come back to.

If Xemnas used his Keyblade to gather hearts for his artificial Kingdom Hearts in Kingdom Hearts II himself, the other members of the Organization XIII would have become suspicious. That’s because a Keyblade can only be used by a person with a strong heart, and if Xemnas used his Keyblade, he basically would have exposed his lie that Nobodies don’t have hearts and the other members probably would have left the Organization.

You might bring up Roxas or Xion as a counter argument, because both of them use Keyblades and nobody in the Organization seems to care about that. The fact that Xion can use a Keyblade surprises no one, because that is her purpose. She is an imperfect Replica of Roxas created by the Organization itself in case both Roxas and Sora proved to be useless. As for Roxas, it is explained that a Nobody can use a Keyblade if his former self could use it. And everybody in the Organization seems to know that Roxas is the Nobody of Sora, a Keyblade Wielder.

Now, Xemnas is also the Nobody of a Keyblade Wielder; in fact he is the Nobody of two Keyblade Wielders, Xehanort and Terra. But the point is, probably none of the Organization members, except for Xigbar, know that Apprentice Xehanort was a Keyblade Wielder. Braig knew it since the days of Master Xehanort, so he wasn’t too surprised to see Apprentice Xehanort use it when he stabbed him. He never questions why Xemnas doesn’t use his Keyblade, because he is already “nortified” and knows about Xemnas’s plan to create the 13 darknesses and that he’s trying to hide his ability to wield a Keyblade.

About the other Organization members, it is never specifically shown how the other Organization members became Nobodies. It is shown within “Destiny” (the secret ending exclusive to the 2.5 Version of Re:Coded) that Dilan, Even, Aeleus, Ienzo, Isa, and Lea awakened in Ansem’s Study after the destruction of their Nobody and Heartless. That means all of them became Nobodies in this same place.

It’s not hard to assume that the members of the Organization didn’t join it and become Nobodies voluntarily. After all, the whole point of Organization XIII is to create Kingdom Hearts to get their hearts back. They didn’t voluntarily lose their hearts just to get them back again. Xehanort probably stabbed them with his Keyblade behind their backs, without them ever knowing what happened. Otherwise, it would be strange that they were following Xemnas, the person who led them into this misery in the first place. Xemnas could have told the other five apprentices’ Nobodies that their experiments on the human heart exposed them to so much darkness that they lost their hearts to it and thus became Nobodies.

As for how the previously-mentioned Isa and Lea got into Ansem’s Study and became Nobodies, I’m not quite sure. When the apprentices awakened as humans, they had their clothes on from before becoming a Nobody. Isa and Lea, however, had black coats on, as if they joined the Organization voluntarily, but this is a topic for another day.

These are my thoughts on this topic. I tried to explain as much as I thought was relevant to this whole conundrum. I hope I didn’t miss any important details and that what I was trying to say was clear.

Leave your thoughts in a comment below and let me know if I missed something!


Netllex makes some good points here and presents a plausible theory for why Xemnas would deliberately choose not to wield a Keyblade on-screen. If Apprentice Xehanort attacked the others (aside from Braig) from behind so they wouldn’t see his Keyblade, it might also account for some of his erratic behavior in that scene.

The possibility that Xemnas told the others that they became Nobodies because of their experiments also deserves a second mention because this seems to be what Ansem the Wise believed.

What do you think?

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