Ienzo Knows Something About Xehanort

Ienzo Knows Something About Xehanort

After a few weeks of Keyblade War era theories, we’re done with KHUX spoilers for now and returning to the Dark Seeker Saga. Let’s talk about Ienzo, who appears as a child in Birth By Sleep.

In the Blank Points secret ending, we see Ienzo walking with Ansem the Wise. Suddenly, Ienzo stops and looks at something behind him. Ansem follows his gaze, and we see that he’s watching Terra-Xehanort and Braig walking in the other direction.

What made him stop like that? Was he just curious about the recently-recovered new apprentice, or did something else draw his attention?

Each section of Blank Points is preceded by a short phrase. For this scene it is:

Image of their backs, preserved in memory.”

This suggests that not only is the conversation between Xehanort and Braig important, but the “image of their backs” as seen by Ansem and Ienzo is notable.

The scene focuses on Ansem the Wise’s reaction. If this moment was preserved in his memory, it’s probably because he got a bad feeling when he saw those two together. He knew something wasn’t right, and in retrospect, he should have acted on it.

But Ienzo is the one who stopped first. Is it also preserved in his memory?

While Ventus is the only one of the protagonists who meets Ienzo on-screen in Birth By Sleep, it’s possible Ienzo also saw Terra. If so, perhaps he recognizes Terra-Xehanort and realizes something is wrong.

However, I’d like to suggest a different theory based on the “Chamber of Repose” cutscene in Kingdom Hearts II (Final Mix/2.5).

Xigbar is trying to get information about Xemnas out of Zexion, and he starts discussing the past:

How long ago was it? When a bunch of warriors wielding key-shaped swords appeared and unleashed a spectacular battle. And when it was all over, all that was left was a man lying unconscious without his memories.”

Now, if he’s talking about the series of events leading up to Xehanort lying unconscious in Radiant Garden, he’s talking about the battle between Aqua and Terra-Xehanort. Yet he’s talking as if Zexion should remember these events. (They’re hardly “a bunch of warriors,” but if he means the Keyblade Graveyard battle, Zexion really shouldn’t know about it.)

Maybe Ienzo got away from Even again in Radiant Garden and secretly watched the battle. Maybe that’s why he’s startled by the sight of Xehanort with Braig, because he saw his confrontation with Aqua.

What do you think? Did Ienzo recognize Terra? Did he watch the battle? Why did Ienzo stop to stare at Xehanort and Braig? Share your thoughts and theories in the comments.

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