Is There a Connection Between Marluxia and Xigbar?

Is There a Connection Between Marluxia and Xigbar?

It’s time for one last Marluxia-themed theory for Marluxia May! Today, let’s discuss the possibility that there might be a connection we don’t know about between Marluxia and Xigbar.

This theory doesn’t depend on Braig being Brain, but rather on a casual comment made in Kingdom Hearts II’s flashback scene. When Zexion accuses Xigbar of not recruiting new members like he’s supposed to, Xigbar replies that he just recently recruited “‘Mar’ something.'”

To make things even clearer, he follows that by saying the Organization’s count is now at eleven.

In other words, Xigbar recruited Marluxia into Organization XIII.

Is this important? Well, it’s Xigbar we’re talking about. He makes casual comments all the time that turn out to be not-so-casual after all. He also would have been the only person in the Organization besides Xemnas who knew the true plan and knew their recruits were potential vessels for Xehanort.

With that in mind, it seems significant that Xigbar personally chose Marluxia and that Marluxia has been brought back as part of the new Organization.

Did Xigbar see in Marluxia something that makes him a particularly good vessel?

Or does he want Marluxia as part of his own plans?

Whenever the question of Marluxia’s loyalty comes up, we wonder why Xehanort gave him a second chance when he betrayed the Organization once before, but it could have been Xigbar’s idea. Xigbar shows loyalty to Xehanort while secretly making plans of his own.

We don’t know what those plans are, but maybe they depend on him having someone who can be swayed against Xehanort – someone like Marluxia.

A Xigbar-Marluxia alliance sounds crazy, especially when the only specific connection between the two of them is a casual comment that Xigbar recruited him, but they’re both powerful members of the Organization with dubious loyalty and they both show an interest in the Keyblade’s powers.

And if Xigbar found him on his own, they had at least one conversation that no one else in the Organization heard.

What do you think? Do Xigbar and Marluxia have a secret scheme? Is Marluxia a part of Xigbar’s plans? Or is it just a coincidence? Share your thoughts in the comments.

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