Is Lauriam an Impostor Keyblade Wielder?

Is Lauriam an Impostor Keyblade Wielder?

Note: this week’s theory will deal with major spoilers for the recent Kingdom Hearts Union χ update released in Japan.

If you’re here because you saw the name “Lauriam” or “Lariamu” but don’t want big KHUX spoilers, just know that yes, we have probably met Marluxia’s Somebody.

Now, onward to spoilers!

In the previous update, we got to see Strelitzia, the fifth new Union leader chosen by Master Ava. But when she goes to invite the player to join the Dandelions, an unknown assailant kills her and steals the book Ava gave to her.

The other Union leaders at the Keyblade Graveyard are joined by a pink-haired man who introduces himself as either Lauriam or Lariamu, depending on the translation.

Here is a subtitled video from KHInsider.

The clear implication is that Lauriam killed Strelitzia and took her place as a false Union leader.

However, this raises some problems. Even overlooking the need for time travel to get Lauriam/Marluxia to the present era, how could he possibly be a Keyblade wielder? Marluxia wanted to control Sora to make use of the Keyblade’s power. He didn’t have one of his own.

That leaves three possibilities:

  1. Marluxia secretly could wield a Keyblade. This makes little sense, given his motivations, and would feel like a very awkward retcon.
  2. He lost the ability. This is possible, but how would it happen? Becoming a Nobody shouldn’t have taken away his ability to wield a Keyblade, since Roxas can and Nomura implied Xemnas might be able to.
  3. Lauriam can’t wield a Keyblade.

Let’s consider option #3. What if Lauriam isn’t just an impostor Union leader, but an impostor Keyblade wielder?

When Strelitzia is struck down, we hear a sound some fans believe is a Keyblade striking. However, as noted on Reddit, it bears a striking similarity to the sound of Marluxia’s scythe in Chain of Memories.

What if he killed her with his scythe? We didn’t see the attack, after all. We have no proof Lauriam is really a Keyblade wielder.

And think about the way this story segment began. Strelitzia wanted the player to join the Dandelions to escape the coming destruction. What if someone who couldn’t wield a Keyblade at all learned about the Keyblade War? He couldn’t become a true Dandelion, and he couldn’t fake being a Keyblade wielder…

…so he stole a Union leader’s book and took her place so he could pretend he was chosen by Ava herself. If Ava chose him, no one would doubt him being a Dandelion.

Then again, maybe Lauriam will use a Keyblade in the next update. But for now, this is one possible explanation for why Marluxia’s Somebody appears among the Dandelions.

What do you think is up with Lauriam?

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