Is Lauriam a Red Herring?

Is Lauriam a Red Herring?

Last week, we discussed the possibility that Lauriam is an impostor Keyblade Wielder as well as an impostor union leader.

But what that’s only what we’re meant to believe for now?

Note: once again, this theory will deal with big Kingdom Hearts Union χ spoilers from the last update released in Japan.

What do we really know about the five new union leaders? Ava met with Ephemer and told him she’d picked five new leaders from among the Dandelions, including him. She never said who they were.

We’ve seen the flashback of Ephemer’s conversation with Ava. We’ve also seen a flashback of Strelitzia meeting with Ava. It’s safe to say those two were definitely among the five.

But we can’t say for sure the others are.

The scenes with Lauriam lead us to believe he killed Strelitzia and took her place, but we didn’t actually see it happen. Her killer was in the shadows, unseen. That could be to make Lauriam’s appearance more dramatic…

…or it could be because he didn’t kill her.

We know Marluxia as a villain. We know him as “the graceful assassin.” Showing us the fifth union leader killed by an unseen assailant, and then a character we’re familiar with in that context arrive as the fifth union leader sets everything up perfectly.

But what if one of the others is the actual impostor? We never saw Blaine, Ventus, or even Skuld meet with Ava. Blaine seems especially suspicious.

In short, it’s too early to assume Lauriam killed Strelitzia, even though we’re being led in that direction. What do you think? Is Lauriam the murderer and impostor, or is he just a red herring to distract us from the real killer?

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