Luxord’s Identity

Luxord’s Identity

It’s been a while, but I think it’s fitting to return with a discussion about a certain member of Organization XIII who has become much more intriguing in the wake of Kingdom Hearts III’s DLC.

Who exactly is Luxord?

This is the question posed by Xigbar after Luxord confronts him at the start of the Re:Mind story scenario.

After Kingdom Hearts III, we know Xigbar’s true identity, and it seems Luxord is suspicious of him as well. Luxord questions his motives for searching for the mysterious box, then questions who he truly is before saying he’s willing to feign ignorance.

Yet as he leaves, Xigbar asks, “The question is, who are you, Luxord?” Not only is Luxord more important to the plot than he first appeared, but even Xigbar – Luxu – doesn’t know who he is.

Up until this point, Kingdom Hearts III had left us with the expectation that Luxord was another wielder from the Keyblade War era. Xemnas tells Demyx, Luxord, Marluxia, and Larxene that they were chosen for Organization XIII because of “the ancient Keyblade War legacy that slumbers within [them].”

Marluxia and Larxene’s Somebodies have already been revealed as Lauriam and Elrena in KHUX, so Xemnas’s statement (which went nowhere in Kingdom Hearts III) led to the natural conclusion that Demyx and Luxord’s Somebodies would be revealed in KHUX as well.

That still hasn’t happened, and the mysteries around Luxord continue to deepen. After Xigbar’s unresolved question about his identity, the Re:Mind DLC brought attention to Luxord one more time, in the good ending of the Secret Episode.

After Yozora’s defeat, a voice awakens him, calling out, “Commander! Commander!” Yozora wakes up in a car and looks toward the front seat, where the driver asks him, “Impressive, is it not?”

While the driver’s face is never shown, there is a slight glimpse of him in the rear-view mirror, showing that he has blond hair and a widow’s peak. More importantly, while the driver is uncredited, both his English and Japanese voices appear to match Luxord’s. Luxord’s English voice actor did not deny that it might be him.

This, therefore, suggests that Luxord’s Somebody is not from the Keyblade War era, but actually from Yozora’s world… which may or may not be ours.

Between the questions raised about Luxord, his apparent position as Yozora’s driver, and the mysterious “wild card” he gave to Sora in Kingdom Hearts III, it’s safe to assume Luxord will play a much more prominent role in the next Kingdom Hearts saga.

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