Luxord’s Original Name and Potential Dark Road Connection

Luxord’s Original Name and Potential Dark Road Connection

Sorry for the long delay between theories, but today I’m back to discuss a proposed connection between the prequel mobile game Kingdom Hearts Dark Road and a character who has been on everyone’s mind since Re:Mind, our favorite Gambler of Fate.

Re:Mind raised a lot of questions about Luxord’s true identity, which suggests he’ll play a key role in the upcoming saga.

Then Kingdom Hearts Dark Road came out.

Although this prequel focuses on Xehanort during the period of time when he and Eraqus were training as Keyblade wielders, it gave rise to the new theory that we might see Luxord’s Somebody in it.

As we discussed leading up to the release of Dark Road, Xehanort and Eraqus have four classmates whose names all come from Norse mythology. Their teacher in the game is also named Odin, keeping with the Norse theme.

Now, there is also a god in Norse mythology named Lóðurr. This name can be written in a variety of ways, including Lodur. The significance of this is that “Lodur” is one of the possibilities for the name of Luxord’s Somebody, which we still don’t know.

Lodur is a fairly obscure god, only mentioned rarely in mythology. He plays a role in the creation myth and Odin is referred to as “Lodur’s friend,” but that’s about it. Some scholars identify him with Loki, while others argue against it.

Regardless of Lodur’s role in Norse mythology, the fact remains that Kingdom Hearts has suddenly introduced a number of characters with Norse mythology names, and Norse mythology includes a character whose name would work as Luxord’s original human name. This means there is a chance he might appear in Dark Road, especially since Xehanort and the others are searching for several students who have gone missing.

Is Luxord one of the missing students? Is his Somebody’s name Lodur? Share your thoughts on this possibility in the comments!

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