Luxu Sent Brain Into the Future

Luxu Sent Brain Into the Future

Kingdom Hearts Union Cross has reached its conclusion, and now that we’ve had a sufficient amount of time to process the events of that wild finale, it’s time to discuss some of the notable questions and theories it raised.

(Spoiler warning: this post will contain numerous unmarked spoilers for the KHUX finale.)

The Kingdom Hearts Union Cross finale contains several shocking moments and surprises, two of which focus on one particular Union leader: Brain.

After staying behind in a doomed attempt to save the rest of the Keyblade wielders, Brain is confronted by Luxu. Luxu tells him it would be a shame for him to die there, and then the scene ends. Later on, we see Luxu walking with the box given to him by the Master of Masters – and then he takes down his hood to reveal Brain’s face.

But then, after the credits, we see Brain again, this time waking up in Scala ad Caelum.

Luxu’s appearance and Brain being in two places caused a lot of confusion, but one theory came out on top.

This theory suggests that despite his claims in the Kingdom Hearts III Secret Reports, Luxu took Brain’s body to use as his first vessel. However, instead of consuming his heart like Xehanort attempted to do to Terra, Luxu ejected Brain’s heart from his body.

KHUX established new rules for time travel, stating that you can travel to another point in time as long as there is someone who remembers you, along with a medium to help you arrive there.

The “medium” does not need to be a body, as evidenced by Maleficent’s return in Kingdom Hearts II. Yes, Maleficent returning when the three Fairies remember her is now explained by this new method of time travel. The medium for her return was her cloak, carried there by her raven.

That brings us to the second scene with Brain. He appears in Scala ad Caelum, in the future, without his hat. A man then walks up to him, gives him his hat, and introduces himself as Sigurd. He clearly was expecting Brain.

The emphasis on Brain’s hat, shown shortly after the delivery of Maleficent’s cloak to the tower, establishes it as a medium for Brain’s return. Therefore, it seems likely that Luxu kept Brain’s hat with him until he reached the era of the future Scala ad Caelum, and left the hat there along with information about Brain so that his bodiless heart could re-form in that era.

(It’s also possible that someone else obtained the hat and set this up, of course.)

This settles the matter of the two Brains. One is Luxu inhabiting Brain’s body; the other is Brain re-forming in a future era due to Luxu ejecting his heart and his hat being sent to Scala ad Caelum to serve as the medium.

It’s logical, and the details shown in the scenes support it. That’s why it’s quickly become the most popular and accepted explanation for what happened with Brain in the KHUX finale. However, it’s not the only theory – especially since it relies upon Luxu lying in his own Secret Reports – but that’s a matter for another post.

How do you think Brain ended up in Scala ad Caelum? Do you accept the popular theory?

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