More than 13 Vessels for Xehanort

More than 13 Vessels for Xehanort

Today, let’s talk about the Seekers of Darkness. Currently, they stand at:

  1. Master Xehanort
  2. Ansem
  3. Xemnas
  4. Young Xehanort
  5. Xigbar
  6. Saix
  7. Vanitas
  8. Marluxia
  9. Larxene
  10. Luxord
  11. Aqua

That’s eleven. By now, we’ve at least seen most of the twelve who gathered in Dream Drop Distance, depending on who Sora’s replacement was.

Only two more before we have all thirteen.

At least this means the majority of characters should be safe now, right? Even if Ventus is in danger or if Even ends up as a bad guy (as examples), we shouldn’t have too many surprise “norts,” right?

That’s not guaranteed.

We discussed this before in regards to the Guardians of Light. There are only seven Guardians, but that doesn’t mean there can’t be additional Keyblade wielders helping them. The number only matters to forging the X-blade.

By the same token, then, Xehanort needs 13 Seekers of Darkness to forge the X-blade… but that doesn’t mean he’s capped at having 13 incarnations and vessels.

The old Organization XIII didn’t work out so well. Maybe this time, Xehanort will have even more Xehanorts waiting in reserve to fill in the gaps.

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