Revisiting the Matter of Strelitzia’s Murderer

Revisiting the Matter of Strelitzia’s Murderer

I know I said just last week I was going on hiatus, but I’m not avoiding Union χ spoilers, and that means the latest Japanese story update brought me back here again.

As a result, this post will include spoilers for recent events in KHUX.


The new story update, translated here by KH Insider, introduces a new character… or rather an old one.

Most of the scene deals with Ephemer, Skuld, Brain, and Ventus discussing “Shift Pride,” a competition the rules state will have Keyblade wielders fight one another. They are disturbed that the rules demand they fight one another, but Ephemer comes up with a compromise.

He also reveals that Lauriam is looking for someone who should be among the Dandelions and hopes he can find this missing person’s data.

The scene ends with Lauriam approaching a Keyblade wielder named Elrena, whom Kingdom Hearts fans will recognize as Larxene. Just as Marluxia’s Somebody was around during the Keyblade War era, it appears Larxene’s Somebody was as well.

Lauriam tells Elrena that he’d like to ask her something about his sister… Strelitzia.

(Note: there seems to be some ambiguity in the translation about whether Strelitzia is Lauriam’s sister or Elrena’s sister, but either way, he’s looking for her.)

Strelitizia’s death scene never showed her murderer, but it heavily implied it was Lauriam. At the time, I suggested Lauriam was an intentional red herring because the scene implicated him so strongly without actually showing him.

This new revelation suggests that indeed, Lauriam is not the killer.

He is looking for Strelitzia, seemingly concerned that he can’t find her. Why he asks Elrena is unclear, but perhaps she and Strelitzia worked together at some point. If he killed her, he has no reason to act this way.

So who killed Strelitzia?

Ephemer is the only one of the new Union Leaders we know was picked by Ava. Right now, Brain seems the most suspicious, but more fans are starting to have suspicions about Ventus. While Ventus is one of the most innocent characters in the present day era, we know almost nothing about him before he encountered Xehanort.

Could the terrible events of the past be what led him to refuse to use his darkness? Is it possible that Ventus was once a very different person? Some fans even think Marluxia and Larxene might have wanted control over Castle Oblivion to find him and get their revenge.

Now, that’s reading quite a bit into the situation when all we know right now is that it probably wasn’t Lauriam. This is an interesting development, though, especially with the introduction of Elrena.

Who do you think killed Strelitzia?

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