Saix Is an Unwilling Seeker of Darkness

Saix Is an Unwilling Seeker of Darkness

Welcome to Saix September! This month, we’ll discuss theories related to Isa/Saix and his role throughout the Kingdom Hearts series.

(Should we have done this based on numbers, instead of letters, and dedicated July to Saix? Ah well, it’s too late now. It’s Saix September!)

To me, Saix is one of the most interesting characters… and one of the most unpredictable Seekers of Darkness as we head into Kingdom Hearts III.

It’s safe to say someone like Aqua didn’t join Xehanort willingly. It’s safe to say Braig did, for whatever reason. But what about Saix?

Saix is definitely one of the most antagonistic members of Organization XIII. In both Kingdom Hearts II and 358/2 Days, he comes across as a cold-hearted, ruthless villain.

Then Birth By Sleep shows us Isa, who while somewhat sarcastic and more reserved, is also a much nicer person than his Nobody is. So what happened in between? He became a Nobody, yes, and he seems to have wholeheartedly embraced the “no emotion” thing, but how did he change that much?

He also gained yellow eyes and became a vessel for Xehanort.

Birth By Sleep’s Isa doesn’t seem like the sort of person who would go along with that. During the 358/2 Days and Chain of Memories section of the timeline, he and Axel are still working together against Xemnas, too. And not only is Saix often at odds with Xigbar, but he also doesn’t seem aware of Organization XIII’s real purpose.

This isn’t the reaction of someone who knows the mission to restore their hearts is a lie.

He only appears at the very end of Dream Drop Distance and has no dialogue, so maybe he’s on board with Xehanort’s plan. Before that, however, he definitely doesn’t seem to be on the same page as Xemnas and Xigbar.

Between the massive shift from his behavior as Isa and his apparent lack of knowledge about the true plan, I don’t think Saix became a Seeker of Darkness willingly. One way or another, Xehanort forced it on him.

What do you think? Did Saix join Xehanort willingly, or is he another victim?

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