Saix Only Pretended to Rebel

Saix Only Pretended to Rebel

It’s the last week of Saix September, and most of our theories this month have been pretty pro-Saix. Saix didn’t want to be a Seeker of Darkness, Saix was working against Xehanort, etc.

But to finish things off, let’s consider the opposite. What if Saix, just like Xigbar, was aware of Xehanort’s overall plan and working toward it? What if even his supposed rebellion with Axel was secretly to help Xehanort? This theory answers the question raised last time: why did Saix send Vexen, Zexion, and Lexaeus to Castle Oblivion with the traitors?

See, the funny thing about Lexaeus’s death is that he’s killed by Ansem.

Re: Chain of Memories changed the circumstances of Lexaeus’s death. In the original, he died after fighting Riku. In Re: Chain of Memories, however, the battle concludes with Lexaeus slamming Riku into the ceiling.

A dark aura surrounds the unconscious Riku, who then strikes down Lexaeus. His voice has changed, but just to make it clear, Lexaeus reacts with, “You are the Superior’s–”

After Lexaeus apologizes to Zexion for fighting Ansem and fades away, the scene cuts to Riku in darkness talking to Ansem. He’s only saved by Riku’s intervention. In short, Ansem possessed Riku long enough to kill Lexaeus.

Why would Ansem kill one of Xehanort’s potential vessels?

Okay, Lexaeus is still the weak point in this theory, but let’s also keep in mind that he was one of the first to awaken in Dream Drop Distance, and that Xehanort seems to have passed over him as a vessel despite taking plenty of seemingly-unsuitable members. From that, together with Ansem killing him, let’s conclude that Xehanort wanted Lexaeus dead.

If Saix was helping Xehanort’s plans, perhaps he sent Lexaeus to Castle Oblivion for just that reason.

So what about Vexen and Lexaeus?

Besides both being scientists, these two actually have a unique trait in common. They’re the members of Organization XIII who would be most likely to detect the transformation of Xehanort’s vessels.

Zexion and Riku’s ability to smell the darkness seems to have been written out of the story after Re: Chain of Memories, but at the time, this was a legitimate ability they had. According to Zexion, the stranger who entered Castle Oblivion (Riku) had a scent similar to Xemnas’s.

This, of course, is because Ansem’s darkness remained in Riku’s heart, leading to Lexaeus’s realization when Ansem kills him. Zexion is able to detect Ansem’s presence in Riku by scent and know it’s a connection to Xemnas.

While Vexen never shows this ability, his Somebody demonstrates a similar talent in Birth By Sleep. When Even sees Ventus, he marvels to himself at the mystery of a heart that has been stripped clean of darkness. He not only can detect the condition of Ventus’s heart, but knows it was done forcibly.

These two abilities would be incredibly dangerous to Xehanort’s plans. The members of Organization XIII believe their goal is regain their hearts, not knowing they’re intended as vessels for Xehanort.

Both Zexion and Vexen should have been able to detect that there was something strange about Xigbar and Saix’s heart. Judging by his analysis of Riku, Zexion would even have recognized the presence as being similar to Xemnas. To keep his plans a secret, Xemnas would have had to either “nort” them immediately (and it’s unclear if Xemnas could do so without using Kingdom Hearts) or eliminate them.

So Saix sent the two threats, as well as another member Xehanort wanted dead, to Castle Oblivion with the traitors, and sent Axel to handle the problem, knowing he would believe Saix wanted them dead so he could tighten his grip on power.

It doesn’t explain what’s up with Lexaeus, but it’s another possible explanation for Saix’s actions.

What do you think? Was Saix working toward Xehanort’s plan all along?

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