Saix Wanted to Reveal the Truth About Xion

Saix Wanted to Reveal the Truth About Xion

Its still Saix September, but we aren’t done talking about Xion just yet.

In 358/2 Days, Saix is by far the most overtly hostile member of Organization XIII toward Xion. This might be in part because of her friendship with Axel, but it’s largely explained as being because Saix not only knows her true nature but also always sees her as a faceless puppet.

As such, he treats her like an object, refers to her as a thing, etc.

But while this makes Saix work nicely as an antagonist in the game, it raises questions about his motives. Xion’s nature as a Replica is a secret from the majority of the Organization. Those who know the truth are supposed to treat her like an ordinary member.

Xigbar calls her “poppet,” but that’s like an inside joke for him. No one would pick up on the dual meaning unless they already knew the truth. Even Xemnas speaks publicly about Xion like she’s a regular Nobody girl.

So why won’t Saix play by the rules?

There is some indication that Saix doesn’t quite comprehend that Roxas and Axel see Xion as human, but he should at least know Xemnas wants them to pretend. Did he miss the memo? Or his he doing it on purpose?

Saix’s loyalty to Xemnas is dubious. Even without questioning his complicity in the overall Xehanort plan, he and Axel were planning a coup. He has no qualms about sending Axel to take out other members of the Organization, so maybe–whether out of personal ambition or because he disagrees with Xemnas–he was trying to walk the fine line of undermining Xemnas’s plan for Xion without making it obvious.

Maybe Saix treated Xion the way he did because he wanted someone else to pick up on it. Maybe he expected Roxas, Axel, or even one of the others to start questioning why he spoke about her like she was a machine, in the hopes that they’d figure out her true nature before Xemnas was ready to reveal it.

What do you think? Was Saix deliberately throwing out hints about Xion, or did he just not care enough to follow Xemnas’s directive? Share your thoughts in the comments!

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