The Book of Prophecies Didn’t Describe the Original Keyblade War

The Book of Prophecies Didn’t Describe the Original Keyblade War

I believe the Master of Masters is the traitor the Foretellers feared. I believe he set them up for destruction and manipulated them into turning on one another.

I also believe the Master of Masters let the Foretellers believe something about the Book of Prophecy that wasn’t true at all: that the Keyblade War described foretold their immediate future.

The Master of Masters gave the Book of Prophecies to the five Foretellers. When they read it, they were horrified to discover that the final page predicted a terrible war where darkness would overcome the light.

In order to avert this, they tried to use the Unions to fight the darkness. However, it became a self-fulfilling prophecy. When they learned the Book said a traitor was among them, they became suspicious of one another. Their fear of the Keyblade War and the roles the Master gave them caused them to turn on one another, which led to the Keyblade War.

But one thing doesn’t make sense. Let’s take a look at the Master of Masters’ discussion with Luxu, the only apprentice who didn’t receive the Book of Prophecies.

The Master of Masters gives Luxu his Keyblade and says that the eye on it will allow him (the Master) to see the future.

Master of Masters: You need to pass down that Keyblade to your apprentice, and then him to his, so that my eye can see the future.

Luxu: So the Book of Prophecies…

Master of Masters: Bingo! The fact that it exists is proof of your success. That means you’ve trained a worthy apprentice, passed down that handsome Keyblade, and fulfilled your role. Congratulations!

The Book of Prophecies is proof that Luxu succeeded in passing down the Keyblade to an apprentice, and possibly to that apprentice’s apprentice as well. If this is true, it can’t end in the immediate future. Yet the passage the Foretellers feared was on the last page.

There are a few possibilities. Either the Master of Masters has multiple volumes of the Book of Prophecies (never indicated), he’s just lying to Luxu (always possible), the “last page” line is inaccurate (but the Foretellers could have just read on to see how things turned out), or the final page refers to an event in a more distant future.

This is also supported by Young Xehanort’s conversation with Young Eraqus in the Kingdom Hearts III trailer, since Xehanort believes “On that land shall darkness prevail and light expire” refers to their future.

And if the Book of Prophecies really does end with a Keyblade War from a distant enough time to prove Luxu passed down his Keyblade, then the Master of Masters let the Foretellers believe their doom was coming even though he knew otherwise.

What do you think? Was the Book of Prophecies really describing the original Keyblade War, or did that passage refer to something later in time? Did the Master of Masters intentionally deceive them? Let me know your thoughts in the comments!

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