The Box Contains Part of the Master of Masters

The Box Contains Part of the Master of Masters

χ Back Cover left fans with many burning questions, one of which was simple: what’s in the box?

The Master of Masters gives Luxu a box and warns him he can never open it. This box, marked with an emblem that has 13 points and the name χ Super written on it, held shut by 13 locks, is one of the greatest mysteries.

What is in it? Why did the Master of Masters give it to Luxu?

In one of the Kingdom Hearts III trailers, it also appears as though Maleficent and Pete are searching for the box. (They are certainly searching for a box.) They must believe it contains something important.

But what could it be? The Book of Prophecies? The original χ-Blade? Let’s take a look at how Luxu reacts when the Master of Masters whispers the answer to him.

Luxu recoils with an exclamation and asks, “But why?”

This is too strong of a reaction for it to be something simple or mundane. It has to be something that shocks him.

What if it is part of the Master of Masters?

The Master of Masters disappears without a trace after giving his apprentices their instructions. He vanishes. What if he went to the future?

At first I was thinking time travel, but that doesn’t quite work. If he traveled through time, he would have had to eventually return to his own time. It wouldn’t have looked like a disappearance. A re-completed Nobody, however, wouldn’t be bound by that.

Suppose the Master of Masters removed his own heart and put it (or his Heartless) into the box. As a Nobody, he then sets everything up and gives Luxu the box. All he has to do is destroy himself to “disappear” (not die, because his Heartless is out there) and re-form after his Heartless is destroyed in the future.

Of course, this relies on him having a plan set in motion for his Heartless to be destroyed in the future, but we’ve seen weirder long-term plans.

Could that be what Maleficent is up to?

Alternately, his body could be in the box, leaving him as a Heart/Heartless under that cloak, but that seems less likely since Ienzo is proof that Nobodies age.

What do you think? Did the Master of Masters put his heart into the box to enable his return in the distant future? What are your theories about the box? Share your thoughts in the comments.

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