The Master of Masters Might Be the Next Saga’s Villain

The Master of Masters Might Be the Next Saga’s Villain

Let’s spend a little more time discussing the most mysterious character χ Back Cover and Unchained χ / Union Cross gave us, the Master of Masters.

In particular, what will his role be in the series?

The Master of Masters disappeared from the era of the Keyblade War, but his influence can be seen throughout the timeline. The Keyblade he entrusted to Luxu is in Xehanort’s hands. His “Gazing Eye” appears on other Keyblades as well, including Way to the Dawn. The strange box and the Book of Prophecies both may play a role in Kingdom Hearts III.

However, Nomura said in an interview that the Master himself won’t appear in Kingdom Hearts III.

Assuming he’s on the level with that answer and isn’t intentionally deceiving us (for example, by having Xigbar not only be connected to him, but actually be some form of him, as unlikely as that seems), we won’t see the Master of Masters again in this saga.

Kingdom Hearts III will conclude the Dark Seeker Saga (aka the Xehanort Saga), but the Kingdom Hearts series will continue. If the Master of Masters won’t appear in KH3, it makes sense that they’re saving him for the next saga.

Maybe as the next villain.

Someone needs to take over as the primary antagonist after Xehanort, and if you’ve read my main theory about the Master of Masters, you know I think he’s a sinister, manipulative guy.

We don’t know his motivations. Why did he guide the world toward the Keyblade War? What is in the box he gave to Luxu? Why did he disappear? Too many questions surround him for us to never see him again, and he feels like the perfect sort of manipulative puppet-master to take over after Xehanort.

Plus I’ll admit that since Xehanort is my favorite character, I was disappointed by the thought of the series without him… but I loved the Master of Masters enough to see him as a fitting replacement.

What do you think the Master of Masters’ role in the series will be? Share your thoughts in the comments.

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