The Seekers of Darkness (Plus Site Hiatus News)

The Seekers of Darkness (Plus Site Hiatus News)

A new Kingdom Hearts III trailer came out last week, but we haven’t discussed it yet… for good reason.

While part of me wants to see every bit of Kingdom Hearts news as it comes out, all the trailers have made me worried that I’ll see the most exciting moments before the game comes out. Past Kingdom Hearts trailers have included story spoilers, so I decided to skip this one.

Despite my best efforts, I did see some screenshots, including one we’ll discuss today: the assembled Seekers of Darkness.

In the trailer, Master Xehanort appears a moment later behind them. The twelve silhouetted figures here, then, are the other Seekers of Darkness.

We haven’t seen them all together since the throne room in Dream Drop Distance (and one hadn’t been chosen yet at that point), so it’s interesting to see them here in silhouette. Of course, since they’re all in hooded Organization XIII coats, it’s hard to see much from this shot…

…except that the figure furthest to the right and the one fourth from the right both appear to have flared sleeves, like the coats worn by female Organization members.

This is significant, because there are theories that Aqua is not a Seeker of Darkness, but rather a Darkling, a special type of Pureblood Heartless introduced in the χ games.

Unlike most Heartless, Darklings can speak. In addition to the typical yellow Heartless eyes, they have red fingers, a trait yellow-eyed Aqua also has. This similarity, together with Aqua’s dialogue about her heart being filled with despair, has contributed to the theory that she gave in to her own darkness and is not a vessel for Xehanort.

If Aqua isn’t a Seeker of Darkness, then Larxene is the only known female member of the new Organization. Who is the second? Is Xion a vessel after all, even though that wasn’t her in the trailer? Is it the mysterious cloaked figure from the key art? Is it Aqua after all?

Who do you think the second female Seeker of Darkness is?

Now, I mentioned at the start of this post that I’ve decided to avoid potential Kingdom Hearts III spoilers from now on. I’ve also exhausted my supply of theories that don’t involve looking at new material. So, the site is going on hiatus for the time being.

Kingdom Hearts III will be out on January 25 in Japan and January 29 worldwide. That’s less than three months away. And after that, we should have plenty of room for speculation about the future of the series.

So I’ll see you all in a few months! Kingdom Hearts III is almost here!

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