Twilight Town: The Used Memory Pods

Twilight Town: The Used Memory Pods

Today, let’s dig into a Kingdom Hearts mystery that has endured since Kingdom Hearts II: the other used Memory Pod in Twilight Town.

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The Memory Pods are very important to the Kingdom Hearts story from the end of Chain of Memories through the start of Kingdom Hearts II. Naminé puts Sora in one so she can work on his memory, and Donald and Goofy also sleep in similar (though smaller) pods.

However, there’s a lot more than these three. It’s possible the ones in Castle Oblivion were being used by Organization XIII, particularly when they were experimenting with Naminé’s powers, but why is the Twilight Town lab full of them?

DiZ and Naminé had no reason to transport a bunch of extra pods out of Castle Oblivion, so we can assume the extra pods were already in Twilight Town.

But the most curious thing about them is that they have been used before. The pods alongside Donald and Goofy’s include one that “hasn’t been used in a while” and another that says there is “evidence this was used before.”

Who used them?

Now, it’s possible it was just DiZ experimenting or that they really are all left over from Organization XIII’s experiments, but what if they are from further back?

A popular theory is that Ventus and Lauriam (and perhaps others) entered the pods and that’s how they made it to the current era without aging. Now, Sora ages while in the Memory Pod, but his pod is larger and designed differently than the others. It’s unclear if the pods used by Donald and Goofy suspended their aging or not.

If the pods could suspend someone until they awoke centuries later, it could not only answer the problem of Ventus and Lauriam, but also leave open the possibility that other characters traveled from the Keyblade War era in a similar way.

Maybe that’s even how the Master of Masters “disappeared” (although I favor the theory that he went into the Realm of Darkness).

What do you think? Who used the mysterious extra pods in Twilight Town, and will they be important in Kingdom Hearts III or future sagas?

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