Voice Actors and Returning Kingdom Hearts Characters

Voice Actors and Returning Kingdom Hearts Characters

This week we’ll deviate from our normal sorts of theories to discuss some returning characters and voice actors.

Of course, we know about some of the major voice actors, and we’ve known Ben Diskin would be back as Young Xehanort ever since that early Kingdom Hearts III trailer.

Aside from the major cast, however, a few others have chimed in with answers.

First, Shanelle Gray, who voices Larxene, replied “Yes” when asked by a fan if she would be doing voice acting for Kingdom Hearts 3.

On the other hand, Derek Stephen Prince, the voice actor for Vexen/Even said no (and that he thought KH3’s voice acting was already finished).

As a huge Vexen fan, I hope he’s either wrong or being misleading on purpose.

Speaking of such things, James Patrick Stuart gave the most Xigbar answer ever when asked: “Can’t say I have. Can’t say I haven’t.”

(Okay, so Braig/Xigbar is important enough in the story that this was pretty much guaranteed, but I enjoyed his answer too much to not include it.)

Drake Bell also seemingly confirmed his speculated role as the voice of Young Eraqus when he retweeted a fan saying it was him. On the other hand, Mark Hamill liked a tweet hoping for him in KH3, but it might just be his appreciation of the comment.

Richard Epcar, the voice of Ansem/Terra-Xehanort, also casually included Kingdom Hearts 3 in a list of hashtags for his work.

Which other Kingdom Hearts voice actors have you seen reference Kingdom Hearts III? And what do you think is going on with Vexen?

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