What Are Your Biggest Kingdom Hearts Questions?

What Are Your Biggest Kingdom Hearts Questions?

I’ll admit I’m running short on theories to cover, and I can’t get a theory out of Kingdom Hearts Nendoroids no matter how adorable the Sora Nendoroid is.

(But really, that’s adorable; I hope this leads to a whole line of Kingdom Hearts Nendoroid figurines.)

I do have a few Saix theories ready to discuss, but I was hoping to give him a themed month like I attempted to do for Marluxia.

So for this week, I’m going to experiment and ask for your questions. I always appreciate questions, theories, suggestions, etc. of course, but now I’m particularly interested in input.

What are your biggest Kingdom Hearts questions? To you, what are the greatest unanswered Kingdom Hearts mysteries? And what Kingdom Hearts theories would you most like to see discussed?

Let me know in the comments or through the contact page.

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