What if Xehanort is Fighting Destiny?

What if Xehanort is Fighting Destiny?

We had no new theory last week because of the holidays, so this week I’m back with a more complicated theory than usual.

Xehanort seems obsessed with destiny. In Dream Drop Distance, he even claims that everything he did in Birth By Sleep was merely part of a set future. But what if he secretly wants to break free of destiny?

On the surface, that sounds crazy. Xehanort almost always discusses destiny as something that can’t be changed.

In Birth By Sleep, he writes in his reports that he and Ventus were destined to meet. In the Re:coded secret ending, which is even called “Destiny,” Young Xehanort says “I will be led… wherever it is I am destined to go” and then describes wielding Master Xehanort’s Keyblade as his destiny.

And, as mentioned above, Master Xehanort eventually justifies his actions against Ventus, Aqua, and Terra by saying:

“Ah, but destiny is never left to chance. I merely guided them to their proper places.”

There is also one more reference to destiny we should take into account. In the Kingdom Hearts III chess scene, Xehanort quotes the Book of Prophecies to Eraqus and then says, “The future… it’s already been written.”

Eraqus, of course, responds by suggesting that he might change the future and surprise Xehanort, to which Xehanort says, “Oh I hope so.”

I mentioned this exchange in my theory that Young Xehanort will betray his future self, but it’s worth mentioning again. Xehanort claims the future is set, but hopes Eraqus is correct that it can be changed.

That’s the launching point for this theory. Now let’s step back and take a look at Xehanort’s personality.

Xehanort grew up on Destiny Islands, but he found the world to be too small and restrictive. He describes it as a prison multiple times, even as a Heartless (with a quote that could refer to himself just as easily as Riku).

“To the heart seeking freedom this island is a prison surrounded by water. And so this boy sought to escape from his prison.”

Xehanort left his world and began training alongside Eraqus as a Keyblade wielder. He almost immediately broke the rules they were given, traveling to other worlds without permission and not wearing the armor meant to protect him from the darkness.

At some point, he became obsessed with the “tyranny of light.”

“Someone must tear down this tyranny of light and reorganize the World around the darkness which then creeps back in.”

At this point, all bets were off. Xehanort dug into forbidden knowledge, determined to bring about a new Keyblade War so he could reshape the World in a way he thought was more balanced.

(Note, he seems to be motivated by his own beliefs, not because it’s destined.)

Eraqus tried to stop him, so Xehanort left. But then something else presented a potential obstacle to his plans: his own body. Xehanort learned how to transfer his heart to a new “vessel” and eventually took over Terra’s body.

Terra’s heart remained an obstacle, so Xehanort tried to get rid of it and accidentally gave himself amnesia. He was taken in by Ansem the Wise, where he once again began conducting forbidden research… and when Ansem tried to stop him, Xehanort and the other apprentices banished him.

When Xehanort’s new body once again became a problem for his research, he just got rid of it again and turned himself into a Heartless (and Nobody).

“My body is too frail for such a journey, but I must do this. I will cast it off and plunge into the depths of darkness.”

Eventually, both his Heartless and Nobody were destroyed, and he returned in Dream Drop Distance to continue his work toward a new Keyblade War.

Why mention all of this? Because Xehanort’s behavior shows a clear pattern. He hates being confined. He hates being controlled. He rejects all forms of authority and destroys anyone or anything that gets between him and his goals.

Does that sound like someone who would meekly comply with a predestined future?

Some fans have speculated that Young Xehanort is displeased that he’s forced to follow a destined path to become Master Xehanort. I think it goes further than that. Master Xehanort might want a Keyblade War, but he’s not nearly as willing to accept destiny as he makes it sound. Whatever he’s plotting, there’s more to it.

Maybe a secret plan he has yet to reveal.

What do you think? Let me know your thoughts on Xehanort and destiny in the comments below.

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