What is the KH3 DLC “Re:MIND”?

What is the KH3 DLC “Re:MIND”?

Kingdom Hearts III has been out for a while now, and unlike past Kingdom Hearts games, it will be receiving new content through updates and DLC rather than the traditional “Final Mix” release.

Critical Mode was recently added as a free update, and now the first piece of DLC has been announced.

As reported from the Kingdom Hearts Orchestra -World of Tres- performance, the paid DLC will include:

  • A new scenario called Re:MIND (I’ve also seen it written as ReMIND and Re:mind)
  • A “Limit Cut” episode and bosses
  • A Secret Episode and boss

as well as English voice acting options for the Japanese version.

A new Keyblade and form will also become available as free DLC.

Right now it’s unclear whether this is one DLC pack with multiple parts or three different DLC packs, but more information about the DLC is supposed to come in June.

Let’s talk about the story scenario, Re:MIND. What could that name mean?

There are two things I think of when I see that name. First, mind. The scenario could focus on the mind in some way. This could refer to how Xion was restored, since Nomura mentioned that would be clarified further in DLC. It also could refer to the Lingering Will, since we don’t entirely know what happened to it after it fought Terra-Xehanort.

The other possible meaning is remind. Is the new scenario meant to remind us, or perhaps the characters, of something important?

Either way, I’m excited for all of these things, especially the new scenario and the secret episode. I’m not sure what a “Limit Cut” episode is, but here’s hoping that’s good too.

Update: I’ve seen it said that “limit cut” is how Japanese fans refer to the data battles in KH2 Final Mix.

What are your hopes for the Kingdom Hearts III DLC?

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