Who Is the Master of Masters?

Who Is the Master of Masters?

Since the Master of Masters keeps his face completely hidden (as does Luxu), his identity has been questioned ever since he first appeared.

Who is the Master of Masters? Is he a character we know?

In the past, Kingdom Hearts has used the black coats to hide the appearances of characters such as Xemnas and Young Xehanort (as the Mysterious Figure). Of course, many members of Organization XIII kept their hoods up in Kingdom Hearts II for a while, despite not being connected to previous characters.

The Master of Masters might be a completely original character, whose appearance is kept a secret either to make him more mysterious or because they haven’t modeled his appearance yet.

Nomura did say that the Master of Masters won’t appear in Kingdom Hearts III, but he also said “Lauriam is Lauriam,” so we can’t completely rule out the Master appearing in another form.

So theories that he is a character we already know remain popular.

Some think the Master of Masters is Xehanort. However, this causes conflicts with Master Xehanort’s motivations (why would he be so curious about the Keyblade War if he could have seen one in his own time?) and his relationship with Destiny Islands.

The Xehanort = MoM theory usually results in him being a separate person from Young Xehanort, who then possesses him. This might explain some things, like Young Xehanort’s rounded ears, but Master Xehanort considers Destiny Islands his childhood home and references his decision to leave.

In short, Xehanort being the Master of Masters contradicts too much of what we know about Xehanort.

I always favored the theory that the Master of Masters is Xigbar, but despite their similar mannerisms, they seem too much like different people. I think they have a connection, but aren’t the same person.

Some fans think the Master of Masters is Sora or Riku, having traveled through time in one way or another. These theories usually depend on the belief that the Master of Masters isn’t malevolent, but handles the Foretellers the way he does because he knows their destiny can’t be changed.

Prophecy or not, he sets them up to fail.

Unless he thought the outcome would be worse if they didn’t turn on each other, it’s difficult to see him as benevolent. Even if you can’t fight fate, you don’t have to manipulate your apprentices.

So if the Master of Masters isn’t Xehanort, Xigbar, or one of the good guys, who is he? Personally, I favor the theory that the Master is an original character.

What do you think? Share your thoughts on the Master’s identity in the comments.

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2 Replies to “Who Is the Master of Masters?”

  1. I think Luxu is the masters of masters’ nobody or possibly his son. We know that nobodies DO have hearts and can act independently of their somebody, and that if the heartless is strong-willed, it can return back to normal (somebody), even without its nobody (like it happened to Sora).

    1. Since Luxu was a child in Back Cover, I don’t think he could be the Master of Masters’ Nobody (although with time travel, who knows what’s possible).

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