Why is Young Xehanort Studying the Toy Story World?

Why is Young Xehanort Studying the Toy Story World?

Wait, I thought this month was all about Marl–

Our “Marluxia May” theme has been put on hold this week, because some interesting information came out of the Kingdom Hearts III Premiere Event.

By now you’ve probably heard the major news from the event (here’s a round-up of information over at my main blog), but we also have a few story details to discuss.

English footage from the Toy Box (Toy Story world) was uploaded yesterday and then taken down, but since then other channels have re-uploaded it.

Among other things, it shows an encounter with Young Xehanort, which we previously glimpsed in a trailer. He explains why he’s messing with that world:

There’s a darkness we are missing and must reclaim. The way hearts connect in this world can provide us with a clue. So we made a copy of the world and then pulled those hearts apart.

Young Xehanort can copy worlds now? How does that work?

More interestingly, what darkness is he trying to reclaim?

Theory #1: Terra

Terra’s whereabouts are still unknown. Is Master Xehanort still using his body? Or did Terra re-form separately?

Since Young Xehanort says reclaim, he might mean someone who was one of the 13 darknesses but has somehow been lost.

It’s also notable that this explanation comes in the context of possession, using Heartless to control toys. He could be studying the effects of possessed vessels to try to figure out what happened to Terra.

Theory #2: Xion or Repliku

This is actually the first possibility I thought of. Why would Young Xehanort pick this specific world to study? Maybe because the darkness he’s searching for isn’t human.

Xion once belonged to Organization XIII, and they used the Riku Replica at Castle Oblivion. Retrieving either of them for use in the true Organization could be considered reclaiming them. Since they wanted Riku as a Seeker of Darkness, and since Xion would fit into their list of possibilities if anyone remembered her, both are possible candidates.

Replicas are consistently referred to as puppets. If you were trying to locate a puppet who is gone from the world but whose heart lives on connected to others, where better to start than by studying hearts in a world of toys?

Theory #3: Vanitas

We know Vanitas appears in the Monsters, Inc. world at some point, and he’s trying to claim the part of him that exists in Sora (Ventus’s heart). This makes him another possibility. Young Xehanort might be studying what happens to hearts in a world that has been divided in two, in order to figure out how to reclaim the other half of a heart that has split in two.

In that case, the choice of worlds might be a coincidence.

Why do you think Young Xehanort is studying the Toy Box? What darkness is he trying to reclaim? Share your theories in the comments!

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