There Will Be More Heroic Keyblade Wielders Than Just the 7

There Will Be More Heroic Keyblade Wielders Than Just the 7

When people discuss the 7 Guardians of Light and the plot of Kingdom Hearts III, one concern that comes up regularly is that we have more than 7 potential Keyblade-wielding heroes.

This is brought up especially because of Roxas. If Sora is trying to bring Roxas back, that must mean they need him as a Guardian of Light, right? You’ll see people say that Ventus/Terra/Xion can’t all be saved along with Roxas before the ending of Kingdom Hearts III because then we’d have too many Guardians of Light.

But wait a minute. Just because a good guy wields a Keyblade doesn’t mean he or she must be a Guardian of Light. We can have more Keyblade Wielders than just those 7.

Let’s suppose the Guardians of Light are Sora, Riku, Mickey, Kairi, Lea, Aqua, and Roxas. That doesn’t rule out waking Ventus, saving Terra, or restoring Xion. They would be additional Keyblade wielders to fight alongside the Guardians of Light.

In fact, that makes more sense than capping it at 7.

Who cares about having 7 Guardians of Light and 13 Seekers of Darkness? Xehanort. He needs them to forge the χ-blade. The heroes don’t need there to be exactly 7 versus 13.

The only reason Sora and co. need to gather the Guardians of Light at all is because if they don’t, Xehanort’s Seekers of Darkness will attack the 7 Princesses of Heart, who also qualify as pure lights. From their perspective, having more than 7 Keyblade wielders to help fight Xehanort makes sense.

(And Sora might want to save Roxas just because he believes Roxas’s fate wasn’t fair. Roxas is an individual who deserves his own life. Ansem the Wise took steps to save Roxas, not to stop Xehanort, but to make up for what he did.)

From Xehanort’s perspective, it makes sense, too. Xehanort is trying to recreate the Keyblade War. 20 people fighting each other isn’t really a “war.” He might be hoping for as many Keyblade wielders as possible.

In short, I don’t believe we need to restrict our Keyblade-wielding heroes to a strict count of 7. There can be more Keyblade wielders on the good guys’ side… they just won’t all be Guardians of Light.

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