Will the Riku Replica Return?

Will the Riku Replica Return?

Last week, we discussed the Replica Program and the possibility of using Replicas to bring back some of our lost characters. I believe this is a way characters like Roxas and Xion can return in Kingdom Hearts III.

But what about the Replica people hardly ever talk about – although he’s come up more often since Riku’s “other me” comment in the recent trailer.

The Riku Replica, also known has Repliku, has only appeared in Chain of Memories. Could he return in Kingdom Hearts III?

(Note: Apparently “Repliku” is actually the name used for him in the German version? I always thought fans just mashed “Replica” and “Riku” together into a nickname.)

He’s one of the most tragic characters in the series, despite usually being overlooked. His memories were rewritten against his will, he hates being a “fake” (and refuses Sora’s offer of friendship because he wants to be “real”), Axel manipulates him, and the last thing he does after finally being defeated is worry about where a Replica’s heart goes after death.

Like Xion, the Riku Replica developed a sense of self and a separate identity. However, he never had the time to really be his own person.

Based on Axel’s reports in 358/2 Days, he felt guilt over the way he used the Riku Replica. Maybe he’ll remember him if and when they bring other lost characters back. Maybe Sora will learn about him and want to help him, since even in Chain of Memories he was willing to accept him. Maybe Riku will, since he offered the Replica reassurance at the end.

I can’t see him being a Seeker of Darkness, although it’s possible. Axel put the idea in his head that he could absorb other people’s powers/life force to become his own person, so Xehanort could twist that into an argument for becoming a vessel.

But he is a good candidate for the “other me,” if Riku meant that literally.

What do you think? Will the Riku Replica return, or will he remain one of the few truly dead characters in Kingdom Hearts?

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