Will Vanitas Return as a Seeker of Darkness?

Will Vanitas Return as a Seeker of Darkness?

Last week, we discussed two possible candidates for the new Organization XIII, the Seekers of Darkness. This week, let’s talk about someone who seems even more likely.

Vanitas is one of the most popular contenders for a Seeker of Darkness, to the point where some fans include him on lists of the true Organization XIII already.

Although he is defeated at the end of Birth By Sleep, he appears briefly in Dream Drop Distance when Young Xehanort’s presence reacts to the darkness of Vanitas inside Sora’s heart (thanks to Ventus). This is enough to suggest he might still be relevant to the story.

He also has yellow eyes. While this could just represent that he’s a being of pure darkness, he is the only character we’ve seen so far with those eyes who is not among the 13.

So, how would Vanitas come back? It shouldn’t be possible for him to split from Ventus again, as long as the good guys find Ventus first, but time travel might make it possible. As half of Ventus, Vanitas should be able to travel to any point in time where Ventus exists. If being “half Xehanort” works for the rules of time travel, it’s also possible that any Seeker of Darkness can travel to times where Xehanort exists.

I’m not actually a big Vanitas fan, but this possibility is too likely to rule out. Vanitas is a logical candidate to be among the Seekers of Darkness, so we probably haven’t seen the last of him. What do you think?

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7 Replies to “Will Vanitas Return as a Seeker of Darkness?”

  1. 1) Golden eyes doesn’t represent darkness. Nomura confirmed that golden eyes + pointy ears means a fragment of Xehanort. Might as well call Vanitas a “half nort”

    2) At the moment, Vanitas’ whereabouts are unknown and it was never confirmed if he went back with ventus. I don’t think vanitas resided with ventus either. That theory is possible but i’m not buying that theory at all. People keep saying “ Vanitas can be extracted again” Which i doubt would happen because if Xehanort or any 13 SoD tried to extract ven again, his heart would end up severely damaged and end up dying again. Specially, ventus heart needs to finish healing and his heart needs to be returned to back to him in order for him to wake up. So you’re telling, ventus been asleep 10 years (waiting for his heart to be healed and return) for his heart to be broken again? Yup, im not buying that. Especially when nomura said sora is going to help terra, aqua, ventus, and roxas from their tragedy endings. Why another tragic story for ventus? Why break his heart for the third time? Not only that, Ventus would fight back too, along with the other guardians. If vanitas returned back to ventus then there’s no point bringing him back in the game. I’m not buying that either. Nomura already dropped hints about vanitas returning in kh3.

    If vanitas is returning back, he isn’t coming from ventus imo

    1. I don’t think vanitas is coming from time travel either. Ansem and Xemnas came back by time travel. Nomura stated that vanitas is different from ansem and xemnas, vanitas doesn’t have a physical form. I’m pretty sure vanitas wouldn’t be visible if he came back through time travel. He wouldn’t be lacking a pyshical body form if he came back through time travel.

      IMO, Vanitas is probably residing with young xehanort

    2. 1) Yeah, I normally wouldn’t mention that, but since Vanitas is a being of pure darkness, I decided to include it as a possibility just in case he doesn’t fit the normal rules. Heartless have yellow eyes, after all.

      2) Nomura said in an interview that Vanitas’s brief appearance in DDD is a result of Ventus’s heart reacting, which could be taken to mean that Vanitas is part of Ventus again.

      I definitely agree that it would be pretty awful to just break Ventus again after all this time. XD

      What would stop Vanitas from coming forward through time, though?

      1. 1) The game zooming onto both braig and vanitas eyes implied the nortfication (aka a fragment of Xehanort)

        2) Nomura never implied vanitas was in ventus’ heart. According to nomura, ventus and vanitas both reacted off each other. Ventus was reacting off to vanitas’ presence and vanitas was reacting back.

        “He reacted to ventus within sora, so that show he was visible”

        If you think about it, why would ventus reacted off to vanitas if they were in the same heart? Why is ventus reacted or surprised about vanitas’ transparent appearance? Ventus is the only one who actually saw vanitas face besides Xehanort. If vanitas was in ven’s heart, then there’s no point for their reactions. We didn’t see vanitas after their reaction. Ventus heart also reacted to Terra and aqua presence.

        Not only that, ventus REJECTED their forced fusion and destroyed the X-blade. If vanitas rejoined ventus, then Ventus heart would whole again. The whole point is vanitas wanted to be whole and feel complete but ventus didn’t want that, so he rejected their fusion. Vanitas’ whereabouts are unknown and it was never proven that vanitas was left inside of Ventus

        You proved my point about “Vanitas is in ventus heart” theory. That theory have too many holes. When ventus wakes up, then vanitas won’t randomly appear like that since vanitas is in ventus’ heart again. We saw how vanitas was created. Xehanort extracting the darkness from ventus. For that theory, the only way vanitas can be brought back is if someone extracted ventus. The problem is ventus heart would be fractured for the third time and nomura said no more tragic stories for ventus or anyone. Ventus is going to fight back along with his friends (expect terra cause we don’t know where Terra’s whereabouts are). Repeating the same thing back in BBS is going to be boring also.

        DDD scene, chess pieces, eyes, heroes and heroines pointed out vanitas returning back.

        1. Ah! I’d only seen the interview where Nomura said:

          “When you see Vanitas (the dark half of Ventus who appeared in KHBBS) overlay Young Xehanort for a moment, that represents Ventus’ heart reacting inside Sora.”

          I missed the one where he said Vanitas reacted to the presence of Ventus. I see what you mean now.

  2. Why are you comparing heartless and vanitas eyes?. Heartless eyes are yellow with no pupils. Vanitas eyes are golden with a tint of orange on the top of his iris (just like saïx, young Xehanort, xigbar, Master Xehanort, Ansem the SoD, terranort,and xemnas) and he has pupils.

    Vanitas isn’t a heartless either. Pureblood Heartless never existed in the realm of light. Pureblood heartless only existed in the realm of darkness. (Emblem heartless never existed either)

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