Will Xigbar Betray Master Xehanort?

Will Xigbar Betray Master Xehanort?

Over the past two weeks, we discussed the possibility that Braig and Xigbar are both part of the 13 Seekers of Darkness, but let’s set that aside for now and consider whether or not Braig/Xigbar is a potential traitor.

On one hand, it seems impossible.

After all, he is “half Xehanort.” If he’s gradually becoming Xehanort, it seems unlikely that he’d turn against the others. Can Xehanort betray Xehanort?

On the other hand, let’s review that conversation between Braig and Young Xehanort again.

After discussing Young Xehanort’s “destiny” and lack of complete knowledge about Master Xehanort’s plans, Braig asks about the Keyblade War and then says, “Whatever. I got my hands full with my own plans.”

His own plans?

On one hand, he could mean his own part of Xehanort’s overall plan (even part Young Xehanort isn’t aware of). However, saying “my own plans” makes it sound like something specific to him, separate from their goal.

We also don’t know why Braig agreed to become Xehanort’s vessel in the first place or why he isn’t more disturbed by it. He also often sounds like he knows more about things than he lets on, including his reference to the Keyblade War there.

Next, let’s also refer back to his conversation with Zexion about the Chamber of Repose.

The last time we looked at this scene, we focused on Xigbar’s assumption that Zexion knows something (and remembers the Keyblade wielders fighting).

But let’s consider the line just before that: “Isn’t it time you told me about Xemnas’s secret?”

Now, he could be trying to figure out what Zexion knows… and maybe he’s concerned that Terra is influencing Xemnas too much. But it still hints that maybe Xigbar’s goals aren’t entirely aligned with Xemnas’s.

And if he has his own plans to work on, maybe those plans aren’t in line with Xehanort’s.

If both Xigbar and Braig are present, was Braig working on these mysterious plans during Dream Drop Distance? Will he reveal them in Kingdom Hearts 3? And will he prove that while he’s not one of the good guys, he isn’t quite such a strong ally to Master Xehanort after all?

What do you think Braig’s “plans” are, and do you think he might betray the others?

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