Is Xigbar Connected to the Master of Masters?

Is Xigbar Connected to the Master of Masters?

One more Xigbar theory and then we’ll move on! Over the past few weeks, we’ve discussed the possibility of both his Somebody and Nobody being Seekers of Darkness, questioned which of them is the time traveler, considered his potential as a traitor, and went over the origin of Xigbar’s title of “freeshooter.”

This time, let’s discuss Xigbar’s possible connection to one of the most mysterious characters in the series: the Master of Masters.

The Master of Masters caught fans’ attention during trailers for χ Back Cover, especially due to his seemingly casual attitude toward the impending Keyblade War. His famous “Nah, not possible” response about averting the war, together with his mannerisms, showed a much different sort of character than fans expected.

People speculated that he might be connected to many different characters from the series, including Xigbar.

Not only do Xigbar and the Master of Masters both have a casual, carefree attitude that suggests they know more than they let on, but fans also noticed similarities in their body language, some of which are quite pronounced.

Of course, χ Back Cover has since come out, and it seems fairly apparent that while the Master of Masters is a funny, somewhat manipulative character with possibly sinister motivations and unclear plans, he is not Xigbar.

But that doesn’t mean they aren’t connected.

Leaving aside oddball possibilities like the Master of Masters possessing a new body (it does sound like Master Xehanort wasn’t the first Keyblade Master to do this), what if the two are working together?

We don’t know where the Master of Master went or what he wants. We don’t know what Xigbar wants, either. Xigbar’s attitude, mysterious plans, and behavior throughout the series make him a prime candidate for someone trying to play multiple sides.

What if he agreed to become Xehanort’s vessel because it was part of a larger strategy made with the Master of Masters? What if the “plans” he mentions to Young Xehanort are connected to the Master’s unknown goal? What if the surprising similarities in their attitudes and body language weren’t red herrings, but exist because Braig picked up on the Master’s mannerisms while working with him?

Nomura has said the Master of Masters won’t appear in Kingdom Hearts III, but that doesn’t rule out him playing an indirect role. If he does, I wouldn’t be at all surprised if he works through Xigbar.

What do you think? Is there a connection between Braig/Xigbar and the Master of Masters, or is it all a coincidence?

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