Analyzing the Kingdom Hearts III Re:Mind DLC Trailer

Analyzing the Kingdom Hearts III Re:Mind DLC Trailer

The first trailer for Kingdom Hearts III’s “Re:Mind” DLC is out, and it’s an exciting tease of what is to come.

Note: this post will include and/or imply spoilers for Kingdom Hearts III, as does the trailer itself, so if you haven’t finished Kingdom Hearts III yet, you might want to stop here.

The trailer begins with Young Xehanort in the Keyblade Graveyard, talking to a cloaked figure about how the black coat wards off darkness. There are two important things to note in this scene. First, Young Xehanort has silver eyes (but pointed ears!), suggesting this is in the past. Second, the hooded figure’s exaggerated mannerisms suggest he is either the Master of Masters (most likely) or Luxu.

He asks Xehanort how his world tour went, an event alluded to in the Secret Reports, as Xehanort was going to tour the worlds in order to prepare for his Mark of Mastery exam.

Xehanort replies that the tour showed him how necessary he is. This implies we might see what led Xehanort to fall into darkness, especially since the Master of Masters (or Luxu) is involved.

The next part of the trailer shows what appear to be redone fights from the game’s climax, where now you can play as Riku, Aqua, and Roxas for various battles in the Keyblade Graveyard. It also appears as though Saix is helping. Will these sections feature redone cutscenes, then?

It’s possible this means the Keyblade Graveyard section of the game has been redone, but it’s also possible that these are the data battles hinted at previously. We also see Sora fighting in Scala ad Caelum and wielding Oathkeeper.

Then it’s time for one more scene. Luxord confronts Xigbar and asks, “Xigbar, who are you?”

Xigbar is holding one of Luxord’s cards, suggesting Luxord tried to attack him. They appear to be in Olympus, possibly after Xigbar’s “May your hea–” tease.

Luxord then says he doesn’t really care and will “keep playing dumb” about Xigbar’s identity/intentions. He leaves, and Xigbar tosses the card aside while saying, “The question is who are you, Luxord?”

From Kingdom Hearts III, we knew Luxord was most likely another Keyblade wielder from the KHUX era, but this suggests more. For Xigbar to react in such a way, Luxord must be important – either someone whose identity Xigbar suspects and is concerned about, or someone Xigbar genuinely doesn’t know.

The Re:Mind DLC will be available this winter.

It sounds like Luxord will be important, and I’m also intrigued by what’s going on with Young Xehanort. Did the Master of Masters put him on the path to darkness? Does this confirm once and for all that his age/timeline has been retconned? Or is something stranger at work?

We’ll dig into this and other Kingdom Hearts theories more soon, but for now, what are your early thoughts based on this trailer?

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