Can Xemnas Wield a Keyblade?

Can Xemnas Wield a Keyblade?

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Today we’ve got a simple theory to discuss: can Xemnas wield a Keyblade?

Xemnas has never used a Keyblade on-screen. Instead, he fights with dual lightsabers Ethereal Blades, which we’ve also seen Young Xehanort wield.

Yet there’s no clear reason why Xemnas can’t use a Keyblade.

Roxas is a Keyblade wielder because he is the Nobody of a Keyblade wielder, Sora. Since Xemnas is also the Nobody of a Keyblade wielder, why doesn’t he have the same ability?

Even if we consider his unusual circumstances as the Nobody of Terra-Xehanort/Apprentice Xehanort, an amalgamation of two Keyblade wielders and possibly a third personality, Apprentice Xehanort could wield a Keyblade.

The Nobody of Terra-Xehanort/Apprentice Xehanort, Terra, or Master Xehanort should be able to wield a Keyblade. So why doesn’t Xemnas?

In a Birth By Sleep Ultimania interview, this question was posed to Nomura.

Roxas, the “Sora + Ventus” Nobody, was able to use a Keyblade. In contrast Xemnas, the “Terra + Master Xehanort” Nobody, wasn’t able to use a Keyblade. Why is this?

Nomura: I’d rather that point remain a mystery. It’s possible that he intentionally wasn’t using one.

In short, it hasn’t been confirmed that he can’t use a Keyblade, and the possibility that he simply chooses not to was intentionally left open.

I like to think Xemnas will summon a Keyblade during Kingdom Hearts III, but what do you think? Can Xemnas wield a Keyblade, and if so, will he?

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