The Significance of Xigbar Being “The Freeshooter”

The Significance of Xigbar Being “The Freeshooter”

Last week, we discussed the possibility that Braig/Xigbar will betray Xehanort. This week, let’s consider his role in connection with his Organization XIII title: The Freeshooter.

A while ago, I was writing an article on video game sharpshooters, and I included Xigbar. That led me to wonder if “freeshooter” was an actual term.

Looking this up proved to be quite interesting.

“The Freeshooter” only brings up three things: Xigbar, a story from German folklore, and an opera based on said folklore.

According to German folklore, a Freischütz or freeshooter was a marksman who made a deal with the Devil. Sound at all relevant to a character who (as far as we know, willingly) became one of Xehanort’s vessels?

The freeshooter gained magical bullets that would hit whatever he wanted them to. Six of his bullets were entirely subject to his will. The final bullet, however, was under the Devil’s control, often ending tragically for the marksman.

Obviously, we can’t take this literally when it comes to Xigbar. He doesn’t have magic bullets that always hit their targets. He did however make a dark deal with Xehanort, and if being a vessel means you’ll eventually turn into Xehanort, that sounds a lot like selling your soul.

The legend and its adaptations play with the idea of the freeshooter attempting to outsmart the Devil and the Devil setting up the marksman for destruction.

We’ve discussed Xigbar betraying Master Xehanort… but did he plan for that and set up Xigbar for failure?

What do you think about the origin of Xigbar’s title, “The Freeshooter”? Will it prove significant?

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