Even Will Make Replica Bodies for Returning Characters

Even Will Make Replica Bodies for Returning Characters

Today I’d like to talk about another one of my personal favorite theories (after Young Xehanort’s redemption, which is my #1 favorite).

When people discuss the possibility of characters like Roxas, Xion, or Naminé returning as individuals, there is one large problem: they don’t have bodies.

Therefore, Sora and co. would not only have to find a way to restore them, but also a way to let them exist. Fortunately, I think we have just the man for the job.

Vexen spearheaded the Replica Program for Organization XIII, creating both Xion and the Riku Replica. He is a scientist through and through… and a bit of a mad scientist, at that.

However, now that he’s returned as Even, there’s no proof that he’ll be a villain.

Even is one of the apprentices who remained “unstable” during Dream Drop Distance, so we haven’t gotten to see much of him yet. It’s possible he’s actually a Seeker of Darkness. However, if he isn’t, and if he chooses to align himself against Xehanort, he has the skills the heroes need.

(Note: the Japanese voice actor for Even/Vexen passed away before Dream Drop Distance, so they might have chosen to keep him off-screen rather than recast him.)

He’s still a scientist, and he should remember the work he did for Organization XIII. Even can restart the Replica Program and create Replica bodies for Roxas, Xion, and Naminé (and anyone else this dilemma applies to) if there is a safe way to extract their hearts/memories/data.

I favor this theory, but what do you think? Will Even be instrumental in bringing back characters who were lost?

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