Luxu Gave Brain the Box

Luxu Gave Brain the Box

Last time, we discussed the Union Cross finale and the mysteries raised by the scenes involving Brain. That theory is widely accepted as the truth, but could there be another explanation?

(Spoiler warning: this post will contain numerous unmarked spoilers for the KHUX finale.)

Knowing what we know about Luxu and seeing the reveal when Luxu takes down his hood, it’s only logical to conclude that Luxu took Brain as his first vessel. However, that directly contradicts the Kingdom Hearts 3 Secret Reports, in which Luxu states that he bequeathed his Keyblade to one of the Union Leaders, and then, while “Keybladeless,” began taking new vessels.

The finale scene appears to contradict that – unless the person in that scene isn’t Luxu.

A character in a black coat could be anyone. The only reasons immediately identify the character in that scene as Luxu is because he has Luxu’s Keyblade and because he’s walking with the mysterious black box entrusted to him by the Master of Masters.

But what if Luxu didn’t steal Brain’s body, but instead gave him the Keyblade… and the box? What if he gave Brain a black coat to protect him from the darkness, and it is Brain in that scene?

This would not only fit with the Secret Report’s claim that Luxu bequeathed his Keyblade to one of the Union Leaders, but also explain when Luxu stopped personally watching over the box. Brain then presumably hid the box, most likely on instructions from Luxu, and eventually made his way to Scala ad Caelum in the future of his own volition.

To summarize the three major points that support this theory:

  • It makes Luxu’s Secret Report accurate, whereas the popular theory assumes he lied in it.
  • We only assume the figure in the Badlands is Luxu because of the box and Keyblade.
  • The finale never shows the full encounter between Luxu and Brain to support him stealing his heart.

Of course, it has some shaky details regarding Brain’s trip to the future in particular, and the the more popular theory fits every aspect except for the Secret Report. Still, it’s an alternate possibility to consider. Which do you believe is true?

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