What is Kingdom Hearts: Melody of Memory?

What is Kingdom Hearts: Melody of Memory?

Along with numerous new screenshots that came out when the Kingdom Hearts: Dark Road website went live (possibly early, since it’s no longer live), we also got what could be our first glimpse of a new Kingdom Hearts game in development.

A fan looking through the website’s files and data found a new logo for something called Kingdom Hearts: Melody of Memory.

It’s unclear if this has any connection to Dark Road or not.

Early assumptions were that this was the name of the next Kingdom Hearts concert or orchestra performance, due to “melody” being in the title. A closer inspection revealed that the image URLs include “Android ver” and “Apple ver,” suggesting this could be a new mobile game instead, but that might relate instead to browser optimization.

Fans also analyzed the Kingdom Hearts logos and determined that games about Sora style the “K” and “S” in the logo differently than those that do not. The longer arcs of the “K” and “S” in Melody of Memory’s logo would suggest this is not a Sora game, whether that means it’s a game starring a different character or a concert.

Right now, these are the top theories for what Melody of Memory is:

  • A musical performance of some kind
  • Kingdom Hearts rhythm game spin-off (although knowing Kingdom Hearts, it would probably still have story-critical lore)
  • New game about the Master of Masters (due to the acronym being MoM)
  • New game starring Namine (due to “memory” being in the title)
  • The long-theorized Kairi game
  • A game featuring Demyx (once again because of “melody” being in the title, since he’s a musician)

Personally, I hope this is a non-mobile game of some sort, regardless of the specific focus.

Since the Kingdom Hearts: Melody of Memory logo hasn’t even been officially revealed yet, however, all we can do is wait and see. What do you think Melody of Memory is? Who would you want it to star?

Update: Melody of Memory is a Kingdom Hearts rhythm gave that appears to star Kairi in some story-related content.

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  1. Do we really need another game that “Revisits” previous Kingdom Hearts games – we already had this with CoM and Coded.

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