Saix Wanted to Sabotage Xehanort’s Plans

Saix Wanted to Sabotage Xehanort’s Plans

We have so many theories to discuss from the last trailer (and we now know the mysterious cloaked figure wasn’t Xion-nort), but first, it’s still Saix September!

Speaking of which, the trailer also gave us our first look at Saix in Kingdom Hearts III, apparently confronting Lea on the clock tower.

Last week, I brought up the possibility that Saix intentionally tried to undermine Xemnas’s plans for Xion. Sticking with that theme, what if Saix was aware of Xehanort’s plan, didn’t want to go along with it, and was trying to sabotage it?

Let’s take a look at his and Axel’s plan to overthrow Organization XIII. Axel goes to Castle Oblivion to eliminate the traitors, as well as loyal Organization members for Saix’s benefit, making himself the sole survivor so no one can dispute his account of what happened.

The implication is that Saix wanted him to kill the members who might pose a threat to Saix’s increasing power.

But Saix is already more or less Xemnas’s second-in-command. The greatest threat to his power is probably Xigbar, not the others. Vexen is the only one who really cares about their numbers anyway.

Saix picked those members to send to Castle Oblivion with Axel. Marluxia and Larxene are legitimate traitors. Vexen, Lexaeus, and Zexion are not. Why them?

Now, Axel didn’t kill Lexaeus, and he killed Vexen while pretending to be on Marluxia’s side. It’s possible that Zexion is the only one he killed specifically for Saix (and he’s the only one Axel mentioned by name in his name while speaking to Saix afterwards). Nevertheless, Saix picked those three to send along.

Is it a coincidence that the Organization’s two scientists died at Castle Oblivion? Vexen was in charge of the Replica Program, and if anyone else was going to help with it, it would most likely be Zexion.

Xemnas wanted the Replica Program to succeed. If I were Xehanort, as soon as Xion proved the Replica Program was viable for Keyblade Wielders, I’d have had Vexen making Xehanort Replicas left and right. What better vessel could there be than a puppet?

So Axel eliminated Vexen and Zexion, and then Saix spend the rest of his time insisting Xion and the Replica Program were failures.

Maybe it was all to make sure Xehanort couldn’t get more vessels too easily.

Now, Lexaeus doesn’t quite fit. Even if Zexion wasn’t involved in the Replica Program, you could still argue that he was a powerful ally to Xemnas, and Saix would want him gone for that reason. But Lexaeus?

He seems loyal to the Organization, so that’s one possibility. He also appears loyal to Zexion in particular, so maybe sending the two of them together was just a natural choice, and Saix didn’t care whether he lived or died. Lexaeus also calls Zexion “the only one I can trust” from the Organization, so perhaps he would have been suspicious if he survived while Zexion died.

Whatever the reason may be, it’s possible that Saix’s plot for Axel to eliminate powerful members of Organization XIII along with the traitors was not to solidify his own power so much as damage Xemnas/Xehanort’s plans.

What do you think?

And next week, we’ll discuss the opposite theory… that Saix did all of this to help Xehanort…

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