Which Theories Came True in Kingdom Hearts 3?

Which Theories Came True in Kingdom Hearts 3?

Kingdom Hearts III was a wild ride and I loved it. I wrote a review over on my personal blog, but now it’s time to look back through our Kingdom Hearts theories and see which ones came true, which ones were false, and which ones have yet to be determined.

As a result, this post will contain spoilers for Kingdom Hearts III, including the epilogue, secret ending, and Secret Reports. There will also be some spoilers for Kingdom Hearts Union χ.

Are you ready? Let’s start from the beginning.

The first two theories on the site covered the same question from different angles, trying to figure out Terra’s whereabouts since Master Xehanort had returned.

Is Master Xehanort Still Using Terra’s Body?

False. This theory argued that Terra-Xehanort had returned but simply changed his appearance to resemble his appearance as Master Xehanort. The question is brought up early in Kingdom Hearts III and this is never even presented as an option. Instead…

Did Master Xehanort and Terra Return Separately?

Yes. Master Xehanort and Terra returned as humans separately. Terra-Xehanort existed in the present (not as a time traveler), separate from Master Xehanort, and both were counted among the members of Organization XIII.

How? Well, the two possibilities I suggested at the time still work: either he remained Terra-Xehanort when he re-formed, or Xehanort found the newly-restored Terra before the others awoke.

Apprentice Xehanort Developed a Third Personality

Partly correct, partly unconfirmed. Apprentice Xehanort’s eyes, erratic behavior, and insistence on being called “Ansem” are not addressed. However, the Secret Reports do confirm that he really had amnesia and his memories only started to return after Ansem the Wise’s experiments on his heart.

Therefore, he definitely had a third personality at that point, which is probably what the brown eyes signified. However, this doesn’t seem to have played any important role.

Are Ansem the Wise’s Eyes Significant?

False, probably. Ansem the Wise’s eyes are never mentioned, and the idea of orange/amber eyes being significant never comes up.

I wouldn’t entirely rule it out for future Kingdom Hearts games, but right now it seems safe to say he just happens to have orange eyes.

Are Dilan and Even Among the 13 Darknesses?

Mostly false. While Even does join the new Organization XIII, it had nothing to do with him being “unstable” at the start of Dream Drop Distance, and Dilan never joins at all.

Instead, Even is approached later on because Xehanort wants to make use of the Replica Program, and he becomes Vexen again to infiltrate the Organization and get Replica bodies for characters like Roxas.

Will Vanitas Return as a Seeker of Darkness

Yes. Vanitas returned as a Seeker of Darkness, though seemingly not through time travel so much as harvesting negative energy to give him a physical form.

Is Lauriam an Impostor Keyblade Wielder?

False. While not addressed directly in Kingdom Hearts III, the last few story updates in Union χ make it clear that Lauriam is not the impostor.

Someone killed Strelitzia and took her place as a union leader. The initial scene implied it was Lauriam. However, it has since been revealed that Strelitzia is Lauriam’s sister. More importantly, he is searching for her and seems devastated by her disappearance.

At the time, I questioned why Marluxia could not wield a Keyblade. It appears as though several people from the Keyblade War era made it to the present somehow, but lost their memories. These lost memories are most likely why Marluxia doesn’t know he’s a Keyblade wielder.

Is Lauriam a Red Herring?

Yes. As explained above, it is now quite clear that the implications that Lauriam killed Strelitzia were intended to throw us off the track.

Is Strelitzia the Cloaked Figure?

Unconfirmed, probably false. We still don’t know what will happen in the remainder of KHUX. Since Elrena (Larxene’s Somebody) has been revealed as a Keyblade wielder helping Lauriam, the cloaked figure might be her… but the flower symbolism hasn’t been touched, so this is still up in the air.

If Strelitzia is the voice in the Final World, however, that suggests she really is dead. We’ll just have to wait and see.

Ienzo Knows Something About Xehanort

False. The only time Ienzo’s childhood is addressed is when he apologizes to Ansem the Wise. There is no indication that he saw anything to make him suspect the truth about Terra-Xehanort.

Xigbar’s odd description of Aqua fighting Terra-Xehanort is still unexplained, but by this point it’s probably just a retcon.

(Then again, it does deal with Xigbar, so maybe we shouldn’t take anything at face value.)

There Will Be More Heroic Keyblade Wielders Than Just the 7

Correct. While they assemble the 7 Guardians of Light as Sora, Riku, Mickey, Kairi, Lea, Aqua, and Ventus, by the end of the battle they have Terra, Roxas, and Xion all fighting alongside them as well.

Xehanort didn’t seem at all concerned with starting an all-out war, though. Maybe that was the next step.

What If Lea is a Seeker of Darkness?

False, thank goodness. Always one of the most depressing theories, the idea that Lea was accidentally “norted” at the end of Kingdom Hearts III was never even approached.

Master Xehanort’s smirk still seems odd, but it had nothing to do with Lea.

Will Lauriam and Ventus Be Trapped in the Realm of Darkness?

Unconfirmed. We still don’t know how Lauriam and Ventus (and Elrena and most likely the Somebodies of Demyx and Luxord as well) get to the present.

Twilight Town: The Used Memory Pods

Unconfirmed. The memory pods were never discussed, and we still don’t know if they tie into the events of KHUX.

Analyzing “Lauriam is Lauriam”

Confirmed (more or less). There has yet to be any implication that Marluxia is not Lauriam’s Nobody, and every reason to believe he is. Kingdom Hearts III says he has a connection to the Keyblade War and hints that he has lost his memories, so yes, there is nothing more to read into that.

Xigbar and Braig Are Both Seekers of Darkness

False. I really liked this theory, but it just wasn’t the case. Only one Xigbar ever shows up in Kingdom Hearts III.

So why did Braig appear in that cutscene? The answer is most likely a combination of possibilities 1 and 2. Members of Organization XIII were turned into Nobodies again, but I wouldn’t be surprised if not wanting to create a new character model for that one scene played into it as well.

Is Braig or Xigbar the Time Traveler?

With the previous theory proven false, this became an irrelevant debate. Neither of them is a time traveler, because there is only one of him.

Will Xigbar Betray Master Xehanort?

Partly false, partly correct. Xigbar never actually betrays Master Xehanort, but my oh my does he know more than he’s letting on…

The scene with Zexion appears to have no relevance, but Xigbar’s “plans” certainly are.

The Significance of Xigbar Being “The Freeshooter”

Unconfirmed…? Xigbar’s story certainly didn’t parallel the Freeshooter story, which would have him try to outsmart Master Xehanort only for Master Xehanort to have planned for that all along, leading to his death. Nothing like that happened.

On the other hand, now that we know the truth about Xigbar…

…is it possible that Luxu will attempt to outsmart the Master of Masters and be destroyed?

Is Xigbar Connected to the Master of Masters




While it’s not exactly what I had in time at the mind, since I thought Xigbar was someone currently in contact with the Master of Masters, Kingdom Hearts III’s epilogue revealed him to be Luxu.

My suggestion at the time, that Braig picked up on the Master’s mannerisms while working with him, fits quite well with him being the sixth apprentice. It’s also possible that Luxu is consciously mimicking him. Either way, the two characters have a direct connection.

(Although it is funny in retrospect that I referred to “oddball possibilities like the Master of Masters possessing a new body,” since that’s exactly how Luxu has stayed alive this long.)

Xehanort Can’t Resist Trying Shortcuts

Unconfirmed, not significant. While we’ve still got a lot to work through when it comes to Xehanort’s personality and motivations, this never plays a role. He very well might be driven to attempt shortcuts whenever possible, but if so, it didn’t matter to the plot.

Will Young Xehanort Betray Master Xehanort?

Wow, was this false.

I mean, wow.

This was my favorite theory. I sincerely believed that Young Xehanort was the most innocent and sympathetic of the Xehanorts, that he was only following his destiny without any real attachment to his goal, and that Kingdom Hearts III was deliberately showing Xehanort’s friendship with Eraqus because that would be the key factor make Young Xehanort turn against his future self.

Instead, Young Xehanort turned out to be the least redeemable of all, never showing a shred of remorse or regret.

I wasn’t completely off-base with my evidence about Eraqus, however. Their friendship was important… for Master Xehanort relenting at the very end.

We’ll be talking about Young Xehanort again in future theories.

Can Xemnas Wield a Keyblade?

Unconfirmed. Xemnas never brought out a Keyblade in Kingdom Hearts III, so we’re still left with Nomura’s ambiguous answer.

Will we Visit Shibuya in Kingdom Hearts III?

Yes… but not like we thought. Shibuya was not a world in Kingdom Hearts III, and no characters from The World Ends With You appeared.

However, the secret ending shows Sora in Shibuya, suggesting that it will play a role in the next saga, and it appears to be the Shibuya from The World Ends With You.

(The implication being that Sora is dead and playing the Reaper’s Game.)

Ansem the Wise Lost His Memory Twice?

False. In fact, Ansem the Wise seems to have all his memories in Kingdom Hearts III, so most likely there is some sort of temporary memory loss upon entering the Realm of Darkness the way he did that gradually improves.

Kingdom Hearts 3 D23 2018 Trailers Analysis & Theories

We covered a lot of theories and ideas here, but in short, Marluxia’s blue eyes were an error, Young Xehanort’s changed appearance compared to his Dream Drop Distance character model is still unclear (oh yes, we are definitely revisiting Young Xehanort in future theories), and the Riku Replica really did return.

Who Are the Remaining Seekers of Darkness?

Some correct, some false. As we already discussed, my double-counting Braig and Xigbar was inaccurate, but Terra-Xehanort was a correct choice. Larxene and a time-traveling Riku Replica (I think) did return, and this was the first theory where I suggested the possibility of Xion among the 13, which came true.

Guest Post: Xemnas Is a Keyblade Wielder

Unconfirmed. We already addressed Xemnas’s lack of a Keyblade, but the situation surrounding the other apprentices remains ambiguous. Ienzo claims they became Nobodies willingly, but is that really what happened? It’s still tough to say, and we might never know.

Even Will Make Replica Bodies for Returning Characters

Correct. While it is Ienzo who first brings up the possibility, Vexen rejoins Organization XIII to perfect his Replicas and have a Replica body for Roxas delivered to Ienzo. This was a key part of the plot, and I’m still amazed at how many fantastic scenes Vexen had.

Will the Riku Replica Return?

Yes and no. The Riku Replica does return and plays a role in the plot, but he ultimately chooses not to take a Replica body, leaving it behind for Naminé instead. As far as we know, he’s now dead.

The Book of Prophecies Didn’t Describe the Original Keyblade War

Correct. While they don’t come right out and say the Foretellers were wrong about it being their future, the “On that land shall darkness prevail and light expire” quote is explicitly brought up again during the clash between the Guardians of Light and the Seekers of Darkness.

Luxu also had to wait until then to fulfill his role, meaning the Book of Prophecies covered all the time in between.

The Master of Masters Might Be the Next Saga’s Villain

Unconfirmed. Right now Luxu seems poised to be the next villain, but the Master of Masters is supposed to return. I still think he’s evil. Looks like we’ll have to wait until the next saga to find out who the main antagonist is.

The Box Contains Part of the Master of Masters

Unconfirmed. We still have no idea what’s in the box. Luxord says it contains “hope,” but that’s such a vague answer it could mean anything.

What if Xehanort is Fighting Destiny?

Correct, strangely enough. I’ll admit I’m still a bit confused on Xehanort’s ultimate motivations, but far from letting destiny guide everyone’s paths, he wants to control destiny. Sora even lectures him about how a leader would recognize that destiny can’t be controlled.

It looks like our suspicions about his actual motivations being a secret were grounded after all.

Ephemer Could Be Xehanort’s Ancestor

Unconfirmed. While Ephemer’s spirit appears in the Keyblade Graveyard, we still don’t know when he died or if he had descendants. His possible link to Xehanort has yet to be confirmed or denied.

Could Ira Be Isa’s Ancestor?

Unconfirmed. No link between Ira and Isa has been established.

Will Marluxia Betray Xehanort?

Mostly false. Marluxia didn’t betray Xehanort, but he wasn’t particularly devoted to the cause, either. He seemed happy enough to be defeated and seems to hope his memories will return. Lauriam will probably return as a good guy.

Is Marluxia a Xehanort?

Yes. Marluxia’s blue eyes in the initial trailer were an error. On the other hand, all of Xehanort’s vessels appeared to retain their autonomy.

Why is Young Xehanort Studying the Toy Story World?

…That’s a good question. What was their research in the Toy Box about? Their research in San Fransokyo seems clearly related to bringing Xion back… but what did they mess with the Toy Story world for? If they were studying how hearts react to one another, it could still be about Xion, but I’m not sure what the answer here is.

(Do you know? Leave a comment.)

Is There a Connection Between Marluxia and Xigbar?

False. Probably. I mean, there might well be a connection between Luxu and Lauriam, but Kingdom Hearts III revealed that Demyx, Luxord, Marluxia, and Larxene were recruited to the original Organization specifically because they had ties to the Keyblade War era.

As a result, it’s probably a coincidence that Xigbar is the one who recruited him.


Who Is the Master of Masters?

We still don’t know. It’s clear he’s not Xehanort or Xigbar. I still think he’s an original character.

An Updated List of the Seekers of Darkness

Mostly right, with one false guess. Despite what everyone thought when we first saw Aqua with yellow eyes, she was never a vessel or counted among the Seekers of Darkness.

Rather, it appears to have been a sign of her giving in to the darkness and despair, and/or becoming a Darkling.

Does Xehanort Still Want Sora as a Vessel?

False. Despite Xigbar and other members of Organization XIII attempting to push Sora along his path of finding the other Guardians of Light, they never make an attempt to claim him as a vessel again. Xigbar didn’t use Sora in his plans (yet), either.

These ominous hints seem to be a combination of wanting Sora to gather the Guardians of Light and warnings about how Sora’s misuse of the power of waking ultimately causes problems for him.

Are the Returning Organization Members Humans or Nobodies?

Aside from the various Xehanort incarnations, the returning Organization XIII members in the new Organization XIII were turned into Nobodies again, presumably to be better vessels.

Will Everything Be Undone in Kingdom Hearts III?

False, thank goodness. This was the one theory I really didn’t want to see come through, so I was relieved they didn’t try to make it work.

There Are New Princesses of Heart

It was confirmed that the previous princesses simply passed on their roles, but not particularly explained why or why Kairi remained one. Kairi, Rapunzel, Anna, and Elsa are the only new Princesses of Heart who were directly confirmed.

Does Ansem’s Guardian Recognize Riku?

Yes! (And I was dead wrong.) Even though I completely dismissed the popular theory that the Guardian was Terra, Kingdom Hearts III revealed that he was. It’s unclear how conscious he was as the Guardian, but since he was Terra, him reaching out toward Riku in Dream Drop Distance suggests he recognized him.

Demyx Will Join the Good Guys

Correct, sort of. While Demyx is recruited into the Organization as a “reserve” member, Vexen convinces him to change sides and he becomes instrumental in bringing Roxas back.

Will Ansem, Seeker of Darkness, Betray Xehanort?

False. Although he’s oddly sympathetic at the end (and his goals really don’t seem to align with the ultimate plan), he never actually turns against Master Xehanort.

Can Master Xehanort Be Redeemed?

Yes. It wasn’t quite the long redemption story I imagined, and I’m conflicted over how I feel about it, but… yes. This theory more or less came true.

He didn’t quite redeem himself, but he turned out to have motives that weren’t completely awful, and at the very end after being defeated, he relented.

More Than 13 Vessels for Xehanort

Correct. While I had the list somewhat off, Xehanort ended up with a total of 15: thirteen primary Seekers of Darkness and two reserve members (who both turned traitor, so they weren’t a great backup plan after all).

Saix Is an Unwilling Seeker of Darkness

Correct. Or at least, he’s not loyal to Xehanort’s cause. Saix was trying to get closer to Xemnas, although the circumstances around him becoming a vessel are still unclear. He certainly had no loyalty to Xehanort’s actual plans.

Did Saix Know He Was Part Xehanort?

Unclear. I don’t believe this was ever addressed in Kingdom Hearts III. (Correct me in the comments if I’m wrong.)

Did the New Kingdom Hearts 3 Trailer Show Xion?

False. Although Xion did become a Seeker of Darkness, the person shown in that trailer was a time-traveling Riku Replica. (Or Dark Riku? But I think he’s Riku Replica with the memories of Dark Riku.)

Saix Wanted to Reveal the Truth About Xion

False. Saix admits to Axel in Kingdom Hearts III that he was jealous, but he never suggests he was trying to give Axel hints. He probably just didn’t care enough about following Xemnas’s plans to actually obey.

Saix Wanted to Sabotage Xehanort’s Plans

Unclear. We still don’t know how much of Xehanort’s plans Saix knew. He was never loyal, and he wanted to become more powerful in the Organization to learn what happened to the girl he and Lea befriended, but there’s no indication of intentional sabotage besides that.

Saix Only Pretended to Rebel

False. Saix’s plot with Axel was genuine, and he had no true loyalty to Xehanort.

The Light Won’t Follow Xehanort’s Rules

Correct, sort of. Xehanort appears to win the metaphoric chess game (and “light expires”), but Eraqus has more pieces left to play (Sora gets a second chance and everyone returns). It’s not quite as clear-cut as I envisioned it when I wrote the post, but the chess scene does indicate a strategy Xehanort wasn’t expecting.

(Although some fans prefer to say Eraqus just cheats at chess.)

The Past Can Be Changed

Unclear. We still need more context for what that conversation was about, but while Kingdom Hearts III didn’t violate the rules of time travel where Xehanort is concerned, Sora did somehow reset time a short ways, allowing the Lingering Will to intervene and prevent the dark future.

How this happened is still unclear, and it might deal more with worldlines than time travel.

Who Is the Mysterious Figure Talking to Maleficent?

Unclear. Since Luxu references “a certain lady of magic summoned here from the future” in Secret Report 11, he is most likely the character talking to Maleficent in that scene, but it hasn’t been confirmed.

The Seekers of Darkness

This post specifically called out the fact that two female Organization XIII members could be seen, and I again put forth the theory that the second was Xion. This turned out to be correct.

We also discussed the possibility of Aqua being a Darkling. While Kingdom Hearts III calls her “Anti-Aqua,” and she doesn’t appear to be a vessel for Xehanort, she does not appear to be a Heartless. What exactly Anti-Aqua was is still unclear.

Revisiting the Matter of Strelitzia’s Murderer

Finally, as mentioned earlier, we now know Lauriam did not kill Strelitzia. Due to the Secret Reports saying the impostor union leader is a “virus” trying to change the system, and Brain calls himself a “virus” in the latest story update, he is the most suspicious character.

However, the “virus” appears to have good intentions, so it is possible that someone else murdered Strelitzia to put Brain in her place, without him being aware of it.


Wow, that was a lot of theories to go through. Some were right, some were wrong, and we still have a lot of unanswered questions… Now it’s time to look forward to the future of Kingdom Hearts!

Did you have any theories going into Kingdom Hearts III? How did they turn out?

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8 Replies to “Which Theories Came True in Kingdom Hearts 3?”

  1. I think that the third personality of Apprentice Xehanort DID matter, though not necessarily to the KHIII’s central conflict. It seems to me that the third personality is the identity/mind that both Xemnas and Ansem have, rather than them just being Master Xehanort in a new body. Their appearances & plans in the previous games are the third personality continuing from where his life was before he got his memories back. For both of them, MX is a past life that they remember, but otherwise the sense of identity/self remains the third personality that the amnesiac developed.

    It explains the disconnect between their characters’ and MX. Personally, I didn’t get a sense at all that they were MX upon their defeat in KHIII, they really seemed like completely different people. The heart that Xemnas was growing belonged to the third individual. Given the entirety of AX’s life was spent with the other apprentices of Ansem the Wise and his Organization, his sorrow and statements upon beating him make sense as the third personality and not MX (who I feel like wouldn’t have cared). For Ansem, he has different views on darkness as a dominant force (in contrast with MX who sought balance), as this is legitimately what the third personality’s “Ansem Reports” show he believed as a result of his research.

    It also explains the apparent contradictions and some nonsensical aspects of their plans in the earlier games when you think about their places in MX’s master plan in III. MX may have initiated his plan to gather forms of himself upon his heart being “awoken”, but once Ansem returned to his own time with no memories of his time travel to the past, he otherwise continues where he left off as AX. Both Ansem and Xemnas facilitate MX’s plan, but they otherwise continue on with their own independent life and try to obtain KH for themselves. Once they are picked up by Young Xehanort and head to the future, they learn they were defeated and fully join up with the second Organization XIII.

    It also adds a true sense of finality to their defeats, as this character is completely gone when Terra’s returned body is repossessed by MX and then eventually reclaimed by Terra.

    1. That’s a good point. I’d thought about that before in terms of how they’re individuals despite being the same person, but you’re right, the third personality could play a role in that.

      Now that I think about it, him having a sense of self separate from his past as Master Xehanort could explain the insistent “My name is Ansem,” too.

  2. I am glad I finally found some great theories leading to and confirmed or denied once KH3 was released. However, there are still plenty of left over questions, that may or may not be shed into light in the next title, or later in KHUX. However, here are some of my theories I have had, and some I have going forward.

    Luxu – I had presumed him to be Braig/Xigbar for a long while. In Birth by Sleep, 358/2 and DDD, he kept talking about the main characters’ expressions (Sora/Ventus/Roxas), meaning he had seen it multiple times since the very beginning. This, to me, was a sign that he knew them from a long time ago. He has also shown so much attention to the keyblade and spoke of the War as much, if not more than Xehanort himself. Also, when I watched the movie from KH 2.8, Luxu reminded me so much of Xigbar, it was hard not to assume it was him (but I thought it might have been too apparent to be him).

    Here are some of my new theories:
    (Keep in mind that I have played KHUX but I have not gone through the whole story)

    – Ventus’ past is still a mystery. There are some theories going around that he may be the killer of Strelitzia. IN BBS, they had to split him into two, which means he did have a bad side to him. I also think Larxene’s character in KHUX is in question, since in KH3 she makes it seem like she was into Marluxia, and if her somebody had those similar emotions, she may have gotten rid of her to get closer to Marluxia. This is only speculation, as I do not see a connection between her and Brain.

    – Brain is being given a role to which everyone suspects him of wrong doing. You have cleared it as I had seen it that in the last secret reports, Luxu mentions a virus, and Brain called himself as such, but in hopes of finding ways to prevent bad things from happening. I think Brain might be someone in later titles to be shown to be linked to a protagonist (maybe a descendant of Sora, or maybe Eraqus, since it is also claimed that he has the blood of the masters). I think KHUX’ story will progress to give us more clarity leading into the next main title, which, let’s all hope, shed some light into him.

    – The Master of Masters’ identity. Now, this one to me is toss between two people and might sound like a stretch, but here goes: It is either Demyx’ somebody, or Master Yen Sid. I will go into more details on them seperately.

    Master Yen Sid: It is unlikely, but while some believe it is Ephemer, which could also be the case, Yen Sid’s ties to the keyblades remain a huge mystery. Obviously, he is considered to be at the highest hierarchy of the Masters (seeing in BBS, Eraqus called to him as his master, and the “No Heart” keyblade being in display where both Eraqus and Xehanort are seen playing chest, I am assuming that there is always this possibility. Again, it’s very unlikely, but still a possiblity.

    Demyx: Him and Luxord are the two last of the Organization without any backstory. However, Luxord remained in the true Organization and fought Sora and faded away, telling me that it is more unlikely to be him. But Demyx to me is another character, much like Xigbar, to have a huge mystery surrounding him. Where did he come from? In KH2, he showed that did have some strength that he did not want to use. In 358/2, he seemed very laid back, but in a way also very curious of the things happening around him, but was sparingly used. In KH3, he turned on the Organization to assist Vexen into helping Sora and the rest by bringing them a vessel. This, in my opinion, was in order to realise Xigbar’s plan, not to benefit Vexen.

    After he delivered the empty vessel, what happened to him? We did not see him since and that raised my eyebrow in questions. We did not see him in the fight, or any further scenes in the end. Why would the Organization choose him to join them if he had no aspirations to fight, or create Kingdom Hearts? Well, there in lies my theory. I think even Xigbar/Luxu wasn’t aware that it was him. I think Demyx came in to make sure Xigbar followed his directions. Luxu wrote in his report that the “virus” caused inconvenience that the master did not expect, and it altered his plans, and I think Demyx may be the catalyst that the Masters put into play to help the plans get better. From KH2, his motives were uncleared, but seemed different from the rest of the Organization. When he first encountered Sora, he mentioned to try to have Sora release his true disposition. While we may have thought this was to get Roxas out, maybe it was to have Ventus come out? Why would I think that? Here is why: In the end of KH3, the Masters returned all but Ava, which the remaining masters questioned Luxu on. My thoughts are that Demyx’ purpose was to find Ava. In KH3, he was sidelined, giving him more time to do his search, and after “switching sides” also disappeared, which means to me he may be in search of her. Or;

    – My last theory: Ava IS Demyx. This is another long shot and probably not even a theory altogether, but what if Ava took on a different form to hide and watch from a distance. I originally thought that maybe Ava was Kairi’s grandmother, another strong possibility, however, since Kairi left Hollow Bastion as a child, we really haven’t seen much of her Grandmother since. So, my theory on that shifted to Demyx.

    In reality, many of the protagonists are directly related to the Dandelions. I think that Sora, Riku, Kairi, Eraqus and maybe even Aqua and Terra are all descendants to characters from KHUX. One being left out is Ventus since we know he is the one and the same. It is questionable how he never aged, which is another theory I am going to work on in the future, but for the time being, I am left with the idea, that some, if not all, of the KH3 characters are descendants of KHUX characters in some way.

    I know some may sound farfetched or even ridiculous, but I would love to know what you guys think. Let me know.

    1. I kind of hope MOM isn’t anyone we know – one of the problems I have with the series post BBS is that they’ve overdone how often characters have multiple identities or are secretly someone else (I mean – SEVEN characters we already knew are from the keyblade war era and were different people!?) to the point where it’s really straining credulity.

      1. I am also of the opinion they are making too many existing people keyblade wielders and really undermining the specialness of it all

      2. I believed MoM = Xigbar for a long time, but with that out of the picture, I’d be happiest if he’s someone new. I especially don’t like some of the more convoluted theories I’ve seen, like him being a time traveling future Luxu or Sora.

    2. I was so obsessed with my belief that Xigbar was the Master of Masters, it never occurred to me that he could be Luxu. Even once I revised my theory to “Xigbar is someone connected to the MoM,” it still didn’t occur to me. (In part because Luxu as a child seemed nice.) Why did Luxu remind you of Xigbar? It was the Master of Masters who had similar mannerisms to Xigbar in the movie.

      Hmm, from what I’ve seen of the KHUX cutscenes (I’ve been following the Japanese story updates when they’re translated), I can’t see Larxene/Elrena being the killer. She seems sincere in her efforts to help Lauriam.

      I definitely like the idea that Eraqus is descended from Brain. In the key art where Brain’s face is shown completely, I can definitely see a resemblance between the two.

      The sigil used to represent the Master of Masters that appears on the Book of Prophecies also appears in Yen Sid’s tower, in the background in some of the KH3 scenes. That’s suspicious to me.

      Still, I’d much rather the Master of Masters be an original character rather than someone we know.

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